Friday 25 November 2016

Egg Box Christmas Trees - Guest Post by Monkey and Mouse

I'm excited to share with you this Christmas craft guest post by my friend Jenny who writes at Monkey and Mouse

Over to you Jenny:

Who doesn't love an easy Christmas craft that the kids can mostly make themselves? Kid made activities are definitely hard to find now that everything needs to be 'Pinterest worthy'.  Sometimes it's more fun to just create and get crafty.

Here's my tutorial to create some cute Christmas trees out of egg boxes.

You Will Need

Cardboard Egg boxes;
Ribbon/tinsel strands;
Sequins; and


1.     Cut out the two pointy bits in the middle of the egg box, place them in the lid part to act as a little tray to collect the glitter

2.     Using glue stick on the ribbon or tinsel strands.

3.     Glue little dots and sprinkle with glitter for little baubles.

4.     Stick on sequins for tree decorations and a pom pom on top for the star.

5.     Let the trees dry and then set up a little Christmas woodland for the kids.

There you have it. A craft that your children can do by themselves. Jenny has lots of other crafts on her blog so if you'd like to see more, here are her links:


  1. Oh that is adorable and just my sort of craft.

  2. They are adorable! So simple as well - love the idea of using the rest of the box to hold all the glitter!

  3. Such cute little Christmas trees. T will enjoy doing this too :)

  4. My kids would love making these. They are so cute.

  5. These are really cute and such a good use of old egg boxes x

  6. Aww these are great, what a lovely and creative idea :)

  7. They are so cute and really simple of littlies to make

  8. Oh these are too cute and so simple. The kids will have a ball making these, thanks for sharing x

  9. these are a really cute idea. Fun for little ones as you could use stickers instead of glitter and clue etc (I'm phobic of mess lol)

  10. What a great idea, my eldest would love this, once we've finished the box in the fridge we'll start!

  11. We love doing homemade decorations, I saw a great ideas of using ice lolly sticks to make stars for the tree

  12. These looks simple enough to make, even I could do them. I love crafts that children can complete easily and they do look effective x

  13. I love this, it's the perfect craft for my girls to make this year.

  14. What an excellent use of everday items. Kids and adults alike will love this


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