Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A family day out at East Gate Llanelli

We were recently invited to spend an afternoon at East Gate leisure complex in Llanelli. We were being treated to lunch, desert, coffee and the cinema so it was an offer we couldn't refuse. We live in Caerphilly, South Wales so the journey there took us about an hour.

First up on the agenda was lunch at the Red 10 Diner. As soon as you walk through the door you feel like you are transported stateside. Eva loved the decor and was fascinated by the traffic lights and various other things including the statue of liberty outside.

The diner is big with plenty of space between tables. It boasts a lovely, relaxed atmosphere with very friendly staff. 

One thing that massively impressed us as parents was the small children's play area. This is such a blessing when you eat out as a family. Young children can get very bored sat at a table (and who can blame them). It was lovely to be able to sit at a booth and be able to see Eva enjoying herself. She played on a rocking horse, in a play tent and with colouring books. Ophelia enjoyed stacking cubes.

We ordered from the lunch menu which was pretty extensive. Both hubby and I opted to have wraps with a side of chips and onion rings. Mine was a sweet chilli wrap which was very tasty and quite filling. If i'm completely honest, I didn't need the onion rings as the wrap was ample enough for lunch but they tasted too good not to eat. Both girls had something from the children's menu. Ophelia had mac and cheese and Eva had corndogs. The dishes were a very good size and the girls enjoyed their meals.

Next up we headed to Joe's Ice Cream to try out their brand new 'Scarlets Sundae'. The sundae was the suggestion of a local resident who came up with the idea after Joe's Ice-Cream and East Gate launched a competition on Facebook for suggestions for a sundae that would celebrate why Llanelli is a great place to be. The Scarlet's are a local rugby team so for those passionate rugby fans, this sundae is the perfect sweet treat.

We ordered 2 sundaes to share between all of us. They looked fantastic. It's made with Joe's original Welsh vanilla ice-cream, fresh raspberries and strawberries, red sprinkles and a hazelnut fudge praline sauce. 

To say we enjoyed them would be an understatement. For all of us, the best part had to be the hazelnut fudge praline sauce. It blended in with the ice-cream beautifully. My mouth is salivating just writing about it.

Finally, we headed over to the Odeon cinema to watch 'The BFG'. Arwyn and I were treated to a large drink each and a rather big popcorn to share. The girls also had a children's box each which included a small popcorn, drink and snack. 

If that wasn't enough we were also given plenty of treats from Costa to enjoy whilst watching the film. I don't know about you but I love the fact that I can now take my favourite latte into a film with me. It was a cold, wet day so warm drinks were fab for making us feel cosy and comfortable whilst inside the cinema. Eva loves a babycino so she was delighted to be able to take one with her. We also had a few cakes from there too.

All in all we had a lovely family day together. The fact that everything is in one place makes East Gate an ideal family day out for anyone in South Wales. It's very close to lots of other local attractions and areas. We will definitely be visiting again soon.



  1. This sounds like a great day out. That american diner looks amazing!

  2. Love the sound of that diner - your food pics were making me seriously hungry. So good that they had thought about
    activities for the kids that go in. Oh, and the rugby lads didn't look too shabby, either! Haha x


  3. You're so glam Kerri even with a cap on you look fab! I haven't been to Llanelli before but I love American Diners so I'm going to have to pay a visit at some point! x

    1. Haha thank you. That's very kind of you to say xx

  4. Oh it looks great. I hadn't heard of this before but it will be perfect for us as a cinema, meal and shop stop on the way home from Cardiff or further afield. (I agree with Ant about the glam comment! ��) xxx

  5. Wow, I had absolutely no idea that Llanelli had all of this - and we're only an hour away in Cardiff too! So glad you had such a lovely day. I love American-themed diners... and you can't go wrong with Joe's Ice Cream! Always reminds me of being in uni at Swansea, as that's where they started. We have a Joe's here in Cardiff now too, yay!! Love the photo of you in the cap Kerry, you look so funky! x

  6. I don't think I've ever been to Llanelli, but this has to change! That American diner looks fab x

  7. I didn't even know there was a shopping complex in Llanelli but this looks fantastic - so much to see and do and perfect for families anting a fun day out

    Laura x

  8. Honestly that sounds like my perfect family day out - yummy food and watching a film! Perfect, I'll have to remember this place as it sounds great. I especially love places to eat which have a play area.

  9. It sounds like you had a fab day out! The play area is a great addition to the diner. We love Joes, but it's a bit dangerous living just a stone's throw from it. We're just around the corner, but with two children it's a struggle to get to the cinema. I pop to Costa at least once a week though!

  10. Those portion sizes are so American! Looked really tasty too! Love love love the fact there's a kids play area. That would be a deciding factor for me for sure. Looks like such a great and packed family day out! X

  11. This sounds like the perfect day! All the food looks so good. I'll have to add it to my list of places to visit, will be perfect for a cold autumn day out.

  12. You look like you really enjoyed your day out. I had no idea there was so much there. Love the cap xx

  13. Sounds like fun! That children's play area looks great. I love wraps, not so big on ice cream but, funnily enough, my kids love ice cream! I loved the BFG as a kid - looking forward to seeing the new film eventually!(Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  14. Looks like you guys had a fab time. Am jealous x

  15. Awesome day out, what a super treat, we loved the BFG. All I can say is lucky you!

  16. It sounds such a great day - I am about an hour further west of Llanelli. My teens would absolutely love the diner, and I adore Costa! We all love the cinema so this is perfect for us all! Kaz x


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