Thursday 7 July 2016

Air Tots Review at Go Air Trampoline Park Cardiff

If there's one thing Eva loves doing its bouncing. She bounces everywhere but hey aren't all toddlers the same? She bounces on the bed, the sofa, the trampoline in her back garden, basically anywhere that she can. She also never seems to run out of energy either. 

We were lucky enough to be asked to go along and review the Go Air Tots session at Go Air Trampoline Park in Cardiff. The session costs £5 per child for an hour and the best bit is that the accompanying adult is free. The sessions run during term time on weekdays between 10am-12pm and 2pm-3pm. Weekends the session is 9am-10am. During school holidays the sessions are 10am-11am. I think it's fantastic that they still run a tots session during school holidays as most companies stop their toddler and baby classes during half term which is very annoying for us parents looking for things to do.

Once we arrived we were given wristbands (except Ophelia, you have to be able to walk) and were then given our special socks. These cost £2 but are then yours to keep. I think this was one of the highlights for Eva as she insisted on wearing them with her sandals for the rest of the day. We were then taken to a viewing room to watch a safety video.

We stayed for 2 hours. The first hour 10am-11am is a free bouncing session where you can do whatever you like. Between 11am-12pm there is a semi structured session with the use of hoops, balls etc. During this session the tots are to work towards bronze, silver and certificates.

We were there with my lovely blogging friend Cathryn from Cardiff Mummy Says and her children.

Eva was extremely confident as soon as she got on the trampolines. She was very happy jumping around and playing with all the accessories that were available. I think the hula hoop was her favourite (and mine lol).

The first thing I noticed about the trampoline park was that the tots area was sectioned off from the rest of the facility. This is so reassuring for us parents as it means no big kids can jump in the same area. 

The area is also directly in-front of the cafe which was ideal for me. It meant that whenever Ophelia needed me, I could also watch Eva at the same time and know she was safe.

During the semi-structured session the kids were taught some moves by Stephanie who was a professional gymnast. She was wonderful with the children and helped them perform things such as star jumps and tuck jumps but also allowing the kids to have free reign when they wanted it.

Overall, Eva had the most wonderful time. This is definitely something I am happy for her to do and we will be visiting a lot. In fact she hasn't stopped talking about it since we went. As a mum I think it is great value for money. It's a very safe place for all the family. The cafe is clean and reasonably priced and the toilet facilities were also good. The staff are all very friendly and approachable. I may even have a go at an adult class as I enjoyed it too. 

Have you been?



  1. My son would love to have a go at this and he's 19! I also like the fact it's semi-structured so you can learn something and still have fun

  2. I'd love to have a go let alone my children! Also £5 for an hour parent & child is a bargain, if only we were closer.
    Charlotte from

  3. Archie would love this, he's a proper bouncer! One of his autistic traits is constantly jumping up & down although I think he's still a bit young for this as I don't think he'd understand that he needs to stay in his own space!

  4. I've seen the Trampoline Park advertised, it looks really good x

  5. Oh that looks like fun. The hulahoops and the balls looks gas. Would love to try it out.

  6. This looks great fun, my daughter would bounce all day too if she could!

  7. Wow! This looks amazing, George and Molly would love it! They are big bouncers hehe glad you ALL ENJOYED IT ;)

  8. That cost is brilliant! Our local one is £15 per hour!!! Looks great fun

  9. This was such a fun morning, wasn't it? I loved seeing Eva bouncing around with my two - she was certainly enjoying herself. And your hula hooping was brilliant! x

  10. This place looks great! I've been meaning to try it for ages. Love that the toddler section is kept separate to the rest of the centre. Good price too :)

  11. What a brilliant idea. Fab

  12. What a brilliant idea. Fab

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