Saturday 18 June 2016

Education Quizzes For All Children

This week we had to visit Eva's school that she will be attending in September. I have such mixed emotions about this. It's an exciting time but it all seems to be happening so quickly. Sitting in the school brought back lots of memories for me especially listening to the teachers talk about how you can help prepare your child, homework, examinations etc. 

I know so many people with children at exam age at the moment and it can be such a stressful time for the whole family. I remember the days when I was going through it. I was always more of an interactive learner than someone who could just sit and read from a book. 

I was recently introduced to Education Quizzes which have revision quizzes from key stage 1 to GCSE level and is available to pupils, parents and schools on a subscription basis. The quizzes were designed by teachers and are all in a multiple choice format. There are lots of different subjects in each key stage level to choose from and within those subjects there are plenty of quizzes to use. 

Even though Eva is out of the age range for the website, we still did a few of the quizzes together which she enjoyed. It helped me to understand what type of things she would be expected to know for Key Stage 1. We did a 2D shape quiz in the maths category. There were images of certain shapes and patterns and then multiple choice answers. I read the questions out and Eva answered them. She surprised me on how well she did. 
We then did a geography quiz about the counties of the world. This displayed various flags and you had to answer with what country they belonged to. Even though she didn't know any of these, it was a great way to teach her (any myself). 

My cousin is now in high school so I will be recommending this website to my aunty. He is very much like me in that he doesn't like to sit down and read from a book to revise. This would be the ideal solution for him as it is fun and interactive. 

Access to the quizzes is through a monthly subscription which costs £7.50. It can be cancelled at any time. This is quite pricey, however I think when it comes to education, i'm happy to pay for something that works and is enjoyable. 

The website has recently become available to schools. Schools can sign pupils up at a reduced cost. The more students they sign up, the cheaper it becomes. This could be so beneficial for schools as it's a great resource for teachers and especially supply teachers. If children are having fun whilst learning and improving their grades, then that means better school reports. A winner for everyone involved.

Overall this is a great website that is designed to help all children increase their knowledge and revise for exams through fun quizzes. They are great as you don't even realise how much you are learning because the quizzes are so enjoyable. Eva has been asking to do the quizzes all day and she is only 3.5 years old. It's also a wonderful way for parents to spend time with their children and get involved in their education.

How do you help your children prepare for exams?

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  1. These sound great for older children and not too expensive either x

  2. Time goes by really fast these days, she will be starting high school before you know it x


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