Friday 20 May 2016

It's SUPAcalifragilisticexpialidocious

We recently went on a little holiday to the amazing Disneyland Paris. We knew we needed a good stroller for Ophelia that would meet the needs of a busy trip. We travelled there by Eurostar so we needed something that was easy to use for train travel and something that would stand the test of time being used pretty much all day, in a variety of weather conditions. 

We were very lucky to be sent a Supa stroller from the fantastic company Cosatto. This is the first product we've used from them, so we were very excited. They have great goals when it comes to baby products and that is to create fun and quirky products that allow baby to enjoy the ride and be happy. 

Here's how we got on:

I Love To Laugh

One thing I can say about this stroller is it's a showstopper.  The print is called Kokeshi Smile and everybody who turned their heads to admire it all had a huge smile on their face. You can't help but smile at the print. It's bright, bold, fun, eye catching and cute all at the same time. The little dolls on it actually reminded me of Ophelia. They are adorable.

The colours on the stroller are right up my street. Pretty pinks and pastel greens, absolutely ooze summer and happiness which was a perfect match to use in a place that brings such joy.

A bonus of having such a bold print on a stroller in a busy theme park is that when you have to leave it to go on a ride, it stands out upon your return. It's very easy to find.

Step In Time

The Supa stroller handles and drives very well. It's very easy to manoeuvre and feels light but sturdy to push. This is probably because it has front and rear suspension. 

The brake is very easy to engage. So much so that Eva, who is 3 was able to do it. 

It is very lightweight which makes it ideal for travelling. It actually won an award last year for being the best lightweight stroller. When it's folded up I can easily carry it with one hand. I also managed to carry it up and down some stairs when Ophelia was in it and I am by no means a bodybuilder. 

It's easy to fold up and down and you can do it one handed. Once folded it's compact and has a clip to keep it secure. it also has a very useful handle which makes it easy for carrying on your shoulder. It can also stand on its own when it's folded which again was great for travel. I have to say I was rather impressed by this feature.

Stay Awake

Disneyland at times can be very over stimulating and both Eva and Ophelia couldn't always keep their eyes open to enjoy it all. As much as they fought the temptation to fall asleep, the 'Supa' comfortable stroller was just too enticing. 

Ophelia always looked extremely relaxed, content, happy and chilled whilst in it. It was certainly comfortable and she was as snug as a bug. The stroller itself comes with a lovely soft cosy toe which has a very handy kangaroo pouch for placing arms in. Ophelia was too small to enjoy this luxury but if ever Eva was in it she placed her arms in the pouch which kept them warm during the chilly nights. Something I only realised when we came back is that the cosy toe is actually reversible. Silly mummy.

The stroller can be used from age newborn and therefore has a complete recline option. You can adjust the recline easily with one hand into 4 different positions. I found this very easy to do when either of them was asleep and it didn't wake them up.

A Spoonful Of Sugar

The stroller is most definitely a boredom buster and comes complete with a multimedia  gadget pocket and speakers. This is going to be like marmite in the parenting world. Some people will love it and some will hate it. We are on the love it camp.

I'll admit, in everyday use where you are just going for a walk, I don't agree with its use but when you are at places like a theme park, it's a godsend. Waiting around for parades and fireworks can be very boring especially for toddlers. I can't begin to tell you how much of a lifesaver it was to be able to pop Eva in the stroller when she was bored of standing still and allowing her to enjoy a Disney movie on the iPad to keep her occupied. It kept her calm when she was tired and cranky from waiting around.

You could also use things such as flashcards or photos in it. The choice is yours. Perhaps you could put nature or animal themed flashcards in there to encourage a game of spot what's on the card.

Let's Go Fly A Kite

In an ideal world, the sun would always be shining when we go away. However, that doesn't always happen. On our first day at Disney we were wandering around in t-shirts basking in the sun but on the very same day, it absolutely hammered down with rain in the evening. 

Luckily, the stroller comes with a very large raincover. When it was fully on, It was big enough that it pretty much covered the entire stroller. This was exactly what we needed. The raincover fit well into the basket underneath the stroller whenever it wasn't in use.

For when the sun was shining the canopy provided good protection from the rays as it has an extendable feature which makes it drop down more than most strollers. This is also great for when it was windy.


I thought this song was very apt for everything else I have to say. It's the word you use when you don't know what to say. The problem is I have so many things to say about the stroller that i'm worried i'll miss something out. 

One thing we really loved was that we were able to use the stroller for both the girls. When Eva was tired, as Disney is a lot of walking for little legs, we were able to put her in the Supa and carry Ophelia in our baby carrier. This saved us so many times. It would have been awful to have had to take two strollers with us. The less you have to take when travelling, the better.

The storage basket for the stroller is a really good size. We managed to fit quite a few things in there such as the raincover, spare coats and blankets. The only problem we found was that when the seat was fully reclined we couldn't really get anything out of the basket which was rather annoying. 

There is a handy viewing window on the top of the stroller which has a magnetic fastening. I love to be able to have a sneaky peak at them when they are asleep to make sure they are safe. 

The seat section is fully removable and easy to wash. 

Jolly Holiday

Overall, we loved using the stroller on our trip away. It was lightweight and easy to use on the Eurostar journey and a joy to push around at the parks. I now use it all the time at home.  Just today I had an admirer come up and ask where it was from. You can buy the Supa stroller here for £210, Cosatto or browse the other quirky designs they have available.

There's not much more left to say other than the SUPAcalifragilisticexpialidocious stroller is in our opinion just like Mary Poppins herself 'practically perfect in every way,'. 



  1. That stroller looks really pretty. I love when they come with large rain covers. So handy.

  2. I love Cosatto strollers. We've been considering getting one for our new baby so both they and our toddler can use it. The designs are so cute, especially the little dolls.
    Alana x

  3. Well it more than sounds like the stroller did more than it should have done and was perfect x

  4. As strollers go they don't come much better designed than the Cosatto ones. We had a Cosatto Supa Foxtrot when Harry was a baby and absolutely adored it. I love the fact that they're never one to shy away from using bright and bold prints and the strollers come packed with "supa" handy features! xx

  5. Love the big basket and large canopy. Cute design too xx

  6. Oh she is gorgeous. Looks so cosy! The print is lovely x

  7. Ophelia is super cute! She looks very comfortable in that stroller too. I love the design xx

  8. I love this stroller. I just had to check the website out and they do such fantastic designs. I think Bear would love the one with the cars!

  9. I love the colour and design of the pram. I had a double Cosatto but found that, although I loved the print, it was heavy and cumbersome

  10. Love the design and pattern on the pram, fantastic review - think you'll have truble spotting her stroller now as now everyone will want one x

  11. I absolutely love the stroller print it is so different and so colourful it made me smile!

  12. Such beautiful photos - awww everything is so cute. xx

  13. Ooh it looks a great stroller, and the design is adorable!! :) Looks like you had a great time!

  14. Love the pattern on the fabric - the stroller looks fab! Perfect for a Disney trip :)

  15. Looks a great stroller - and so important you can fold/unfold it one handed. Really cute fabric too. Looks like you had a lovely break away :)

  16. Such gorgeous photos. Looks like a fun filled holiday too! I love the covers on the pram, they're so fun and vibrant. x

  17. Love the description and functionality of this excellent product. Surely a must for awaydays

  18. I have always loved the fun bright designs from Cosatto. This one looks lovely. Hope you had a great trip xo

  19. This stroller looks fab, love that it is so bright and eye-catching. Hope you enjoyed your trip :) xxx

  20. Disney is just magical! I can't wait to take my little boy one day.

  21. It's a really pretty stroller, love the fact that you can put either of your children in it - very handy!

  22. That stroller looks great. Lovely design & really comfy.

  23. Cosatto seam to be doing some great designs and some great pushchairs too. She looks very happy in there

  24. I absolutely love the pattern, it's gorgeous and definitely stands out from the crowd. I love the idea of the pockets in the footmuff! Looks like a fab lightweight option!

  25. Super cute design and very unique too, I have certainly never seen anything like it. Your family pics at Disneyland look fab:)

  26. I love the pattern on the stroller! I am so jealous you went to Disney, I would love to go xx

  27. I absolutely love this review Kerry, it is fab!
    You've got me very excited to receive the Cosatto that we have pre-ordered for mid June :)

  28. Love what you did with all the Mary Poppins song titles. One of my favourite themes. I love the bright patterns on this stroller, sounds like it is perfect for a family holiday. Gorgeous photos of your gorgeous girls. xx

  29. She looks so happy in this stroller and I absolutely love the print - in fact all of the prints Cosatto do are amazing

    Laura x


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