Saturday 6 February 2016

Health and Fitness update - Week 1

As I mentioned before in my blog post I'm Bringing Sexy Back, I am trying to alter my lifestyle and become fit and healthy again. I'm trying to achieve this through a new attitude, exercising and eating a high protein, low carb diet.

There are various obstacles in my way which means I can't dive into this straight away. Firstly, I had a caesarean so I can't go crazy with exercise. I'm starting with lighter exercise and will increase the intensity every week. Secondly, I now have 2 children. Time is not readily available and thirdly i'm on a very long extended holiday. I'm in Australia until mid march so it's rather difficult to not treat myself at times.

I decided to join a gym here for a month to really get myself motivated. I also bought some light kettlebells to use at my mums house. I took photos in my bikini which I will share with you in a few weeks time to see if there has been any change in my body shape. 

Week 1:

Breakfast - Blueberry Greek Yogurt
Lunch - Slices of ham and cheese
Dinner - Chorizo and chicken recipe from the Lean in 15 book
Snack - Mango

Exercise - Gym using the cross trainer and some arms and legs machines 

Breakfast - Plain Greek Yogurt with a banana
Lunch - Feta salad
Dinner - BBQ, Sausages, lamb kofta, salad and red peppers
Snack - Chocolate protein ball
Alcohol - 2 glasses of sparkling red shiraz (It was Australia Day so I had to celebrate lol)

Breakfast - Greek Yogurt
Lunch - Nandos Chicken thighs on their own
Dinner - Chilli from the Lean in 15 book which I loved. I was amazed I didn't miss the rice.

Exercise - Kettlebells circuit

Today I was rather ill with diarrhoea and vomitting. I only are 2 plain chicken wings in the evening as I felt so rough

Breakfast - Blueberry Greek Yogurt
Lunch - 2 big rice cakes
Dinner - Chicken wings

Exercise - Gym, treadmill, arms and legs machines

Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs
Lunch - Salad
Dinner - Salmon and salad

Exercise - Kettlebells circuit

Breakfast - Scrambled egg with cheese
Lunch - Chicken salad
Dinner - Fajitas without the wraps
Snack -  We went to the Guylian chocolate cafe so I obviously had to treat myself to one of their cakes. 

As you can see i've had a rough start but as I said i'm not going into this fully for a few weeks, I'm easing myself in.

Have you got any good lunch time ideas for a high protein, low carb diet that I can eat out and about? I think this is where I have fallen down a lot. I haven't been meal planning for the week.


  1. I don't think you've had a bad start. Any move in that direction is the right one and it's good to ease yourself in rather than just jumping straight into it!! Good luck xxx

  2. Please can I have your motivation?! Whenever I think I'm going to improve my health I always find myself pigging out on chocolate within an hour of making the decision, I've no willpower at all! Good luck, great start x

  3. Wow you have gotten off to a great start in my opinion! I keep seeing that Lean in 15 book advertised in various places. I'm afraid I have no ideas for meals as I am an absolute carb fiend!x

  4. You do right to ease yourself in gently. Good luck! I recently joined the gym too - I'm not showing anyone my 'before' pics though haha x

  5. Thats not a rough start at all, you've done really well! Good luck and I hope your motivation stays strong!
    If your after healthy recipes look up slimming world ones, they tend to be filling and packed with veggies if done well!

  6. Wow that food looks and sounds delicious. Its easier to eat healthy when the food is good

  7. Good luck, sounds like you've done quite well so far. I think its one of those things where you have to go in not all at once. x

  8. I'm on a healthier lifestyle mission too!! We can ride this journey together! I have been ill so have found it hard to stay clear of sugar. I'm not going to lie I'm currently munching white chocolate cookie! As soon as this sodding cold is gone I will be back on it!! xxx

  9. Good start Kerry.Keep up the hard work,easier said than done though esp in Aus!!

  10. We ve had the chicken an chorizo it was lush. Also had the one with cauliflower as rice that was amazing too but we added garlic to it and the pizza one but added mozzarella! Xx

  11. I need your motivation at the moment! X

  12. You had an excellent start my dear! Considering your on holiday. I can not restrain myself any which way while on holiday. Good on you for getting back on it so quickly.nfor the record, I think you look fabulous anyway xxx

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