Monday 21 September 2015

Bump watch - Week 32

Week - 32. I haven't written an update in weeks, so I am very sorry about that!

Baby developments - Baby is now the size of a honeydew melon and should weigh around 4 pounds. Baby now has toenails, fingernails and hair (although mine probably won't). I didn't have any hair and neither did Eva. The skin is becoming smooth and soft and she gains a lot of weight each week (as do I). 

My bump - It is safe to say my bump is now huge. I do think it's still mainly all at the front but I am now walking like a penguin and struggling to bend down. Stretch marks are still ok. No new ones as yet and I've been using a cream that seems to be making the ones I had less visible.

My symptoms - I had routine bloods taken at 28 weeks. My iron levels are severely low so I am now on iron tablets to help increase them and eating a lot of kale etc. I'm annoyed as i've been telling my midwife for weeks about how tired i've been feeling and how I've been feeling faint at work but she didn't bother to check me out properly. At least I now know why i've been feeling so lousy these last few weeks.

Movements - Bump now seems to have regular patterns of movement. I feel a lot more of her moving around as opposed to kicks. I'm just enjoying it all while I can as there'll be hardly any room for her to move soon.

Cravings - I finally got a proper pregnancy craving. I have to have this all the time, at least once a day. I am completely and utterly addicted to ice cubes. I love everything about them. Just the thought of them is making my mouth water.

Aversions - No real aversions, but I am not getting on with my iron tablets. They make me wretch and feel sick all the time. 

Exercise - I was asked to review an online pregnancy pilates programme which I have been doing. For me it's more stretching though than exercise. I've increased the amount of walking I do too.

Baby items purchased - Still not a great deal of things bought. I'm starting to panic slightly as we are so disorganised and we do have quite a few things to get. I did buy a pack of newborn nappies though this week. 

Best moment this week - Baby seems to have had a lot of hiccups this week, It's the funniest feeling. I love it.

Worst moment this week - I'm really not sleeping very well now due to how much I get up and go to the toilet. Lack of sleep has definitely been the worst problem this week.

What i'm looking forward to - Getting the nursery finished. (We haven't even started). We've been so disorganised. We had ever intention to get ourselves more prepared and ready but life has just gotten in the way.

How Eva is feeling - Eva talks about her sister a lot. She interacts with the bump too which is great. We try and keep her involves as much as we can. We've been asking what she would like to call her sister but the answer we have had is just sister lol. 



  1. You look amazing! I had low iron levels when I was pregnant too and was put on iron tablets. They had horrible side effects for me! Can also relate to the not sleeping well. I didn't either toward the end of my pregnancy x

  2. I really like that dress you're wearing. I've never had kids (or any desire to) so i have no idea what any of the stuff you've mentioned feels like x

  3. It's the loveliest feeling when your baby has hiccups! I hope you're not feeling too lousy now ... It's so hard if you don't feel well while you're pregnant as you're already so tired anyway. It's lovely that Eva is involved with everything, hopefully that will make it easier for her to adjust to having a baby sister. Enjoy your last few weeks! xx

  4. You look gorgeous with your bump. I had low iron levels too and ended up on tablets and eating a lot of egg on toast. The insomnia is so annoying, I hope that eases off for you and you get some proper sleep!

  5. Oh, I relate to the low iron levels. I had it in all three of my pregnancies, despite the fact I know I eat a really iron-rich diet (being vegetarian, I've always been really careful about eating the right balance of foods and I was gutted when I was diagnosed as having low iron.). The tablets really disagreed with me though so I had to stop taking them!
    Lovely that Eva is bonding with her baby sister already. My children wanted to call baby number three Noodle!! x


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