Saturday 5 September 2015

Kimberly Wyatt, Mum On A Mission 24/7 event

A few weeks ago I attended an event hosted by Kiddicare for parent bloggers, which was all about postnatal fitness for mums. The event was showcasing the lovely Kimberly Wyatt's new online exercise programme 'Mum On A Mission 24/7' which is available on Instructor Live. There were also other industry experts there, who were on hand to offer advice, support and guidance. 

At the time I was 26 weeks pregnant and I wasn't too keen to actually participate in the workout incase I hurt myself. At that point I hadn't done any exercise at all during my pregnancy. I didn't want to risk anything as I was in London so I was very far away from home. So I sat down and relaxed whilst watching all the other mummy bloggers sweating away whilst exercising! 

The workout is available on!/ and is of course based around dance. We all know Kimberly Wyatt for being a member of the pussycat dolls and a dancer so I would have expected nothing less. The workout lasts 24 minutes and you should do it everyday if you can, to see results. It uses a high intensity interval training (HIIT) method which helps you burn fat fast. There are 7 different moves to each workout, which are repeated at high intensity and there are periods of recovery. If you want to find out more about the workout then read about it here, Mum On A Mission 24/7.

After watching Kimberly, Glenn and the other bloggers complete the workout, I realised I probably could have joined in. I have to admit the word HIIT scared me slightly but I could have joined in and not increased the intensity of each move. The moves were very simple to follow and some of them also managed a giggle from us which meant that everyone was having fun whilst working out. I was also worried about the dance element of the workout seeing as I have no coordination whatsoever but again the moves were easy enough even for a terrible dancer like me.

After the workout we had a question and answer session with a panel of experts which consisted of Kimberly, Glenn, Luke Walker - co founder of instructor live, Dan Cartner - a marketing executive from Sports Shoes, Mike - a marketing executive at Asics, Lynn coates from Kiddicare and Margarita Bennett a postnatal fitness instructor. 

I learnt a lot from this session especially from Margarita Bennett. I never knew that the pregnancy hormone relaxin takes 3 months to leave the body after you have given birth and longer when you have been breast feeding. She also taught me essential things about my core and hips and also various techniques for birth. I think she will be a massive help to me once I have had this baby. 

I also learnt that your feet can change after pregnancy so you need to make sure you are in the correct trainers. Wearing a good sports bra is also essential. I really struggled after having Eva with exercising because I was breastfeeding and the sports bras that I had bought didn't give me enough support. I found exercising very painful. This time around I will get measured properly and buy a decent sports bra.

With regards to nutrition, it's best to eat small, well balanced meals. If you need to snack go for healthy things like nuts and fruits. It's also essential to keep hydrated. You may feel hungry but it could be your body is in need of water. 

I had a fantastic time at the event. I can't give you a full review of the workout seeing as I haven't actually done it yet but it does look fab. For £5.99 a month I think it's great. It's much cheaper than paying for a gym and you can enjoy these workouts from the comfort of your own home. I know I didn't feel very comfortable and confident in myself after having Eva to go to a gym so the idea of exercising in my home is more appealing. The only thing that did concern me is where I would find 24 minutes a day to complete the workout. With a toddler and a newborn I think it would be quite tricky to get that quality time. However, at the event there was a young girl there who decided she wanted to join in. Perhaps Eva would also like to do this. I won't know until I give it a try after bump number 2 is born.

Kiddicare did a great interview with Kimberly on life and exercise after becoming a mum which you can read here, Kiddicare interview and they also have some great advice on exercising after having a baby here, Kiddicare. If you have a few spare minutes please complete this Mum On A Mission survey for Kiddicare, survey. Kimberly was an inspiration to be around. She is a very positive person and a great mum.

Did you exercise after having a baby? Have you exercised at home before?


  1. This sounds really good, a small work out that's done consistently in comfort of your own home :) x

  2. This looks great, not something that I can see myself doing as I have a phobia of exercise haha
    Glad you had a good time.

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  4. I didn't exercise when pregnant but we always do quite a bit of walking anyway. These days I do pilates once a week for my back.

  5. I really need to get back into exercising after having the baby and something I can do from home would be perfect.

  6. £5.99 is a great price. I quite like at home exercise but do sometimes find I give up a lot quicker!

    M xx

    The CSI Girls

  7. Sounds like a great idea. I need to start working out.

  8. This looks really fun and a great way of keeping fit too x

  9. Ooh this looks fun, and £5.99 a month seems great value. I am not a fan of exercise though I have to say!! Kaz x

  10. This is really interesting. I am a yoga teacher and carried on doing yoga throughout all my three pregnancies. It helped me so much! I admit, I don't get as much time to exercise as I would like these days, but it always makes me feel so much better when I do. My feet are wider since pregnancy! It's very odd how this happens! x


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