Thursday 7 May 2015

Big News

Well after 8 weeks of secrecy I can finally announce to everyone that  we are expanding our family!!! I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and couldn't be happier. 
We are away on holiday at the moment in Australia so we have missed the 12 week scan which means I can't have one until we are back when I will be 15 weeks. We are having it the first day we are back from holiday so at least that is something to look forward to when we will be suffering with holiday blues. 
We struggled for a while to decide when the best time to have another baby was and after weeks of going back and forth, we realised there is never a best time and it can happen whenever you want it. Lots of things ran through our minds such as financial situation, living situation, childcare but if we tried to fix all of those things then we would never be able to expand our family.
I was an only child for 13 years which has made me want Eva to have a sibling as soon as she can. As much as I enjoyed being spoilt, I would've loved a sibling to play with. I see the way she plays with children of similar ages and I am so comforted by that. The age gap will be just under 3 years between them which should be great as hopefully Eva will be able to help me out a bit with looking after her new brother or sister. 
We also really struggled with the idea of being able to love another child as much as we love Eva. I suppose it's a hard concept to come to terms with until the baby is actually born. Reassurance has come from seeing family and friends having more than one child so it clearly works. 
I don't know if you have a second child or are currently pregnant with your second or third etc but I find I am a lot more relaxed this time around. I hope this is the same for all mums and I am not just being lax. I also feel that I have forgotten a lot of things such as when you are in each trimester, what you can and can't do. I guess this allows the pregnancy to be exciting like it was the first time.
I'm so excited to do things like decorating a nursery again, choosing names and of course shopping for new teeny tiny clothes. We will definitely be finding out what we're having which I can't wait for. We would love a boy so that we have one of each but either way we will be happy. Although i'm not so sure how happy the hubby will be in a house surrounded by girls. 
I took some 12 week photos using my amazing milestone cards. You can buy them here Milestone Cards  and I can't recommend them enough. They make fantastic baby shower gifts for any new parents. I will be writing a separate blog post about them soon.

Have you got more than 1 child? When did you think it was best to have another? Have you gone through the same thoughts and feelings as me? I would love to know so please share. Also I would love to find other expectant mothers of a similar time to me so please do get in touch.
I can't wait to share my pregnancy journey with you all and keep you updated but for now I will continue to enjoy my holiday.

Love all of the Norris family xx

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  1. Ah big congratulations! Exciting times ahead!

  2. Congrats! Love the pic of you and bump! Eva will be so excited xx

  3. Congrats! Ours are 18 months apart and although they have fraught moments, they are the best of friends! x

  4. Congratulations!! I think the age gap is perfect :) xx

  5. Congratulations! Lovely news :) As my boys are both the same age, I'll never know what it feels like to have a second baby after a gap! There was a gap but it was only about 40 seconds!! :) Thanks for linking up to #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro |

  6. Congratulations :) it's exciting news! We just went for it and made our family and figured it out! It's all you can do as there is never the perfect time ;) Thank you so much for linking on #wineandboobs and I can't wait for the updates :)


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