Sunday 21 December 2014

A homemade christmas canvas gift from babies and toddlers

Firstly, apologies for leaving this post so last minute before christmas but hopefully you'll still have enough time to make them if you want.
I was wracking my brains for pressies I can send to family from Eva and decided to go to pinterest for more inspiration and I wasn't disappointed. I knew I wanted them to be homemade but couldn't think of any with a festive feel to them. If you search for me on pinterest (amininorrisblog) you'll see I have lots more ideas on various boards if you are looking for inspiration.
One thing Arwyn and I never did enough of was to take lots of prints of Eva's hands and feet which is why I thought this gift was perfect. What could be more cute than a canvas with her feet named 'mistletoes'. A massive plus with making ones like this is that Eva could get involved. She adored having her feet painted and didn't stop giggling. We just put her straight in the bath afterwards to clean her up. 
So to make the canvas we bought some from the range and they cost £3.99. You can probably get them from other places such as home bargains and maybe even Asda etc. Then we painted up Eva's feet with green paint (you can use any colour you like) We found the easiest way of getting the print onto the canvas was to sit her down and bring the canvas to her feet rather than her standing on it. Please note this is a two person job!!!
If your child is older you could get them to write mistletoes onto the canvas, however we wrote that on ourselves. I'd like to add that my husband didn't even trust me to write it on and actually wrote it in pencil for me to trace over. Charming! 
Then draw some bows on top of the feet and decorate the rest as you wish. We let Eva do a few circles and then finished it off. 
We had a fab time as a family making these and Eva found the whole thing fantastic. It was a good sensory exercise for her to do. Now all that's left to decide is who's getting them for christmas.

Have you made any homemade gifts from your little ones? Let me know what you have done.
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Love Kerry and Eva xx


  1. That is so pretty and such a lovely idea.
    I've been thinking of doing Christmas cards involving Aria's feet this year, I may also frame a copy to keep :)

  2. These are so cute, such a great idea for a gift. #abloggerschristmas x


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