Tuesday 23 December 2014

A Frozen themed basket gift

I don't know about you but I love a good basket/hamper gift. I've been giving them for years so as you can guess I was ecstatic when I saw this amazing idea on another bloggers page and knew it was the perfect gift for Eva. Before I continue with the post please take a look at the lovely mum Kerry's (no i'm not talking about me) blog which is http://www.ohsoamelia.com. She writes a fantastic parent and lifestyle blog full of wonderful ideas like this one.
I already had bought a basket ready for christmas eve and there will be a post on the christmas eve basket coming up asap. The ideal thing about baskets is that they can be used again and again. This one will be used as shown here, on christmas eve and for Eva's upcoming birthday when it will be full of Peppa Pig gifts.
I can't wait to see her face when she sees this under the tree. She will be so excited. We have probably had this film on everyday for the last few months and 'let it go' is literally all she sings.
The contents of the basket were all fairly cheap which is one of the reasons why I love baskets! You can fill it with whatever you like at whatever expense and they will look fab regardless of the price.

The items below were all from B and M bargains. They've got a huge range of stuff there and most of it is a lot cheaper than the bigger toy stores. View some of their range here: B and M frozen range.

The next gifts are from Asda. The mug was £2.50 Mug and the 2 pack of socks was £3 Socks.

 The hair set and hand wash were from poundland. Eva is really into washing her hands at the minute so I know she'll love it even more with this wash. Poundland also has a huge range of Frozen gifts and are particularly good for stocking fillers. The only trouble is whether your local store will actually have any as people have gone mad for it. View their range here, Poundland Frozen range.

I bought the book of the film from Sainsbury for £3.49. It's actually got some photo pictures in the middle too. You can buy the books anywhere but I found them cheapest at Sainsbury.

I got this 2 pack of vests from Primark for the amazing price of £3. If your child is into Frozen then I can't recommend Primark enough. Pretty much half of their children's floor is full of the range supplying anything and everything from socks to dresses. 

 Finally I got this drinking cup from the Disney Store. I have to say the Disney Store is a scary place to be over the christmas period. It's crazy!! 

 Does your child like Frozen? Do they have any Frozen pressies for christmas? We would love to hear about them.

Love Kerry and Eva xx



  1. What a fantastic idea to have a Frozen themed gift basket! Like you, I like gift baskets as they can be reused! Love this idea!

  2. This is so cute! I am thinking about making hampers/gift baskets for family this year. I am also going to do Ted a xmas eve box :-) Will have to check out B&M and see what they have! Xx


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