Wednesday 19 November 2014

Meeting Santa at Pugh's garden centre

Even though Eva is only 22 months I already am aware of how difficult it can be to choose the best place for your child to meet the big man himself. More often than not meeting santa is severely overpriced and the queues are always huge, which let's face it, is pretty hideous when you're trying to entertain a toddler.
Last year we went to Caerphilly Garden Centre as Eva was not even 1 she didn't really understand anything. We also had to wait 1.5 hours to greet him. This made me realise I had to find something easier this year.
A few people had mentioned Pugh's garden centre to me and after following them on twitter (follow them here Twitter) and reading their updates I knew we had to give it a try. 
You can book online before hand (huge tick in the box for me) so there is not much waiting around. It costs £2 per adult, do not be put off by the fact that you pay for an adult, you are involved in a 10 minute experience with your child. The child price is £7 with a toy. I found these to be pretty good prices when compared with other places but little did I know how good they were until we got there.
We visited on the opening night which meant they had real reindeer there!!!! What a bonus and a special treat. They were adorable. I think Arwyn and I were more excited than Eva who simply called them dogs. 

The winter wonderland is 'Frozen' themed. This is a huge hit with Eva and I imagine with the majority of children. Eva was elated to see the life size cardboard cutouts of Elsa and Anna (little does she know she'll be meeting the real life princesses in Disneyland Paris in a few weeks). There is Frozen music on in the background which helps create the atmosphere. 

Before you enter Santa's winter wonderland you are given a lantern to carry (loved this idea) and you are on your way through a magical journey of christmas and ice to find Santa. A lovely elf takes you on your guided walking tour through the frozen winter wonderland. Expect lot's of decorations, snowmen, ice, water and mist. The whole walk through sent Eva into a sensory overdrive (same with mummy and daddy). She loved all of it and was amazed at everything she saw. Even all the adults couldn't wipe the smile from their faces. 

Finally you end your journey by finding santa. Firstly an elf reads you all a story while the children sit on the floor and the adults sit on surrounding benches. Then santa calls your child up to meet him. Eva was rather nervous about meeting the big man and when asked if she wanted anything for christmas she simply replied no. All the more presents for mummy then!! 
Last on the agenda was collecting your present which you can pick yourself (another bonus as you know your child will like it).

My pictures do not do this wonderful experience the justice it deserves. We had the most fantastic time and certainly felt like we were taken into a magical wonderland. I can't recommend it enough. It's a unique experience for all the family to enjoy. We loved it so much we are going to take Eva again nearer to christmas day. 

Have you been to this winter wonderland before? Where have you taken your child to see Santa? Please leave me a comment of your experience if you visit Pugh's.



  1. Oooh we're going to do this too! :) Nice to have a preview!

  2. This looks amazing! I love all the bright lights! :) #ABloggersChristmas

  3. Wow! That looks like a fantastic place to go and visit Santa. Love the fact that they have real reindeer #ABloggersChristmas

  4. Wow! This looks brilliant. I love the fact that it's a full experience, so rather than just being plonked on Santa's knee and given a gift, a full adventure is involved where you have to go on a journey to find him.

    That's not a bad price either, I've been looking at similar experiences closer to us and they aren't as good as that.

    I'm glad you all enjoyed it, brilliant pictures too.

    Laura x #ABloggersChristmas

  5. I looks like a great time. We haven't taken our children to see father christmas any where except at the school fair because I've been concerned it wouldn't live up to expectations (or cost), but maybe I'm thinking about my expectations and not how the children would view it #abloggerschristmas


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