Thursday 7 January 2021

Mummy ‘me time’ post pregnancy

Keeping calm and organised during your pregnancy

Trying to remain as calm as possible during your pregnancy is as important as stocking up on the essentials that your baby will need from a selection of different baby stores. The more you can purchase in advance of the big day, when you go into labour, will ensure that your pregnancy is as stress free as it can be. 

The last thing you will want to be worrying about is whether you have a baby cot or a Moses basket to put your baby in when you return from the hospital! So, write that list when you are sitting at home one day and really think about all the items of furniture, accessories, clothing, and food you will need for your little one, especially if this is your first pregnancy. At least with a second baby you have items that you can easily reuse again, so will not necessarily need a duplicate of everything.

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It is ok to ask for help if you need it

It is so important to reach out and talk to people when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and that is without the rollercoaster of emotions that come along with being pregnant and going through childbirth. There are always support groups out there for you to reach out to when you want to connect with another mum that has gone through the same experience as you.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to have a partner, try and talk to them, but sometimes it is refreshing to just talk to another human being that does not live within the same four walls as you, after spending the majority of 2020 cooped up indoors at home. This will be even more essential when you live alone. You will honestly feel so much better once you express all your emotional woes.


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Ways to relax

Having a nice soothing bath to calm away all the aches and pains you are feeling is a good place to start, particularly in your intimate area! As soon as the baby is asleep, run yourself a bath with some natural essential oils to aid relaxation. If you prefer showers instead, use an exfoliator with a natural shower gel to benefit your sensitive skin. Also treat yourself to your favourite luxurious shampoo and conditioner.

Eating well will be essential, so aim to try and eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

You could play relaxing music in the background whether you are taking a short break away from the baby in another room, or whilst you are with them, whether it's breastfeeding or cuddle time. The calmer your environment is, the more likely your baby will also pick up on this calm atmosphere. If mummy is calm and happy then so too will be the baby, well, apart from when they are crying out for assistance of course!

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