Tuesday 12 January 2021

It's Time To Get Fit This Season

It’s time to start working out this winter. There are plenty of ways to stay motivated, so don’t worry, we have you covered! It’s probably a good idea to keep a running diary that tracks your accomplishments first. This way you can gradually increase your pace and running distances and clearly see your improvement. Without you noticing hot days will come and you will find yourself with new running records, exciting no? There is no better way to practice than with a partner in difficulty. Find a friend to train with, someone you can trust who will take you out of the house even in the cold, in this way you will have someone to complain to at the beginning of the training and someone to thank at the end. A winning recipe for perseverance. Use your imagination. Imagine the summer and the shapely body you will have if you exercise now, you have enough time to get in shape gradually and get to summer in a sampled body (and even spring). Variety in training is important, and so in addition to our tips below, look to try adding new types of exercises or exercises to your training routine, things you are not used to doing like Zumba, Pilates, Thai boxing and more. Each change will add interest to the training, challenge the head and body and lead you to better physical achievements. It’s a great idea to get fit this season, and there certainly won’t be any holding you back once you start your habit! 

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