Wednesday 2 September 2020

Why You Should Exercise with a Partner

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Exercise should be part of our everyday lives, but it isn’t always easy to find the time – or the motivation – to get fit. However, exercising with a partner can help you to stay focused and achieve your goals. If you want to increase the frequency of your training sessions or boost their intensity, take a look at why exercising with a partner could help:

You will feel more confident

If you feel self-conscious at the gym or you’re nervous about attending a new class alone, having a workout buddy will make this a thing of the past. When you have someone to work out with, you will feel more confident, whether you’re at the gym, taking part in group fitness or simply getting out and about.

You will be accountable

When someone else is relying on you, you will be less likely to skip a workout or finish early. If you find that you regularly miss sessions or skip going to the gym, working out with a partner can help to change your mindset. The extra accountability will motivate you to keep your workout schedule and you’ll feel better for staying on track.

You can work out more safely

Although many exercises can be performed alone, there are instances in which you’ll need a partner to assist you. If you are lifting free weights, for example, having a ‘spotter’ will ensure you’re able to train safely. Even having someone present to evaluate your form and offer feedback can be a great way to improve your workouts.

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You’ll motivate each other

No matter how committed you are to achieving your health and fitness goals, it can be hard to stay motivated all the time. Having a workout buddy means there’s always someone to offer a word of encouragement or to pick you up on off days, not to mention the fact you won’t want to let them down. Whether you’re doing Jason Statham's body workouts, heading out for a hike or hitting the gym, you can never be too motivated. With a fitness buddy by your side, you’ll have a constant source of encouragement.

You’ll make exercise fun

If you find going to the gym boring or you’re tired of listening to the same playlist when you’re jogging, it’s time to inject some fun into your exercise routines. Working out with a partner means you can enjoy the social aspect of getting fit. By making exercise more fun, you’ll enjoy it far more and be more likely to stick to your goals. When you can talk, laugh and have fun while working out, you’ll never want to miss a training session again.

Start Exercising Now

Providing you choose the right intensity and don’t push yourself too hard, you should be able to begin exercising right away. So, why wait? Message your mates, call your friends and find out who wants to be your next training buddy. With any luck, you’ll encourage your social circle to get active and even have enough participants to start your own fitness group!

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