Tuesday 28 April 2020

Why a Little Indulgence Goes a Long Way Under Lockdown

Is anyone else getting a little bit sick of it all? Not the devastating global pandemic, or the subsequent lockdown. They’re pretty much a given. No, we’re talking about the ceaseless pressure on us from all angles to turn ourselves into omni skilled superbeings while the lockdown is in effect. Everywhere we look we see friends and celebrities alike indirectly shaming us on social media. Making us feel like we’ve somehow “failed” at lockdown if we haven’t learned to make the perfect sourdough loaf, or run a marathon, or learn esperanto. While learning new skills and getting in good shape are admirable goals under lockdown, the pressure to achieve greatness under extraordinarily bad circumstances may be too much for many to bear. 

We shouldn’t feel bad if all we can do is get through the day without breaking down in tears. Nor should we feel bad if we want to indulge ourselves in a carefully managed vice. Whether yours is a big ol’ slice of cheesecake or a few puffs of e-liquid or a glug of coffee, a little indulgence can go a long way under lockdown. Here ‘s why...

It can keep you in good spirits

When we’re stressed, depressed or irritated it has a knock on effect on the social dynamic of the whole house. Hardcore abstinence can make us a little crankier and more iritable… and this can be a match to a powder keg when the whole family is afflicted by cabin fever

It helps you to concentrate

You’re likely working from home, and grappling with the logistical and emotional complications that occur when your home is your workplace and vice versa. While there are certainly studies showing that you can be more productive when working remotely, the current climate introduces a range of variables that weren’t issues when these studies took place. It’s at least easier to concentrate when you’re not distracted by cravings or the need for comfort. 

It gives you something to look forward to 

Anticipation can be a powerful stimulator which can allow us to power through many an adverse situation. As such, we can use our vices for good rather than ill. We can use them as a treat to reward achievements in work or around the house. This helps us to feel as though we’re achieving something of value every day.

It helps you to feel normal

The world has changed enormously in a very short space of time. Many are debating whether or not we will (or should) ever return to “normal” again. This can take a toll on even the most inveterate optimist. The odd treat every now and then can help by making us feel normal and grounding us in an unprecedented time.  

It can boost your metabolism

Okay, so this doesn’t work for every indulgence. But if your diet is normally clean as a whistle, but you enjoy a big greasy pizza on a Friday night, this can actually be beneficial to your metabolism. It’s the reason why so many body builders and athletes have a cheat meal once a week. 

So, don’t shame yourself for your vices and indulgences. They can be surprisingly helpful given the current situation.

*This is a collaborative post*

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