Friday 3 April 2020

Giving your Body a Full MOT

If you do not focus on your health and fitness, you can leave your body struggling and looking a little worse for wear. Do you feel like you want a new fresh start when it comes to health and wellbeing? We have all been there, and the feeling of wanting to change and give your body a full MOT is one of the best things you can do! This article will guide you through some of the best tips to get your entire body in shape!

Natural Products are the Best for your Skin

This is a must. Many products out on the market are actually quite harsh and harmful to your skin. Some products use alcohol and other chemicals as a base ingredient, and in time these chemicals will actually dry and age your skin, so they are not the best. Products that have a natural base of ingredients are far better for your skin, and due to the rise in popularity and the demand high for natural products they no longer need to break your bank! Some of the best formulas that help hydrate and soothe your skin are in the form of body butter. They are often very affordable and can be anywhere, but they work wonders on the skin! You can get them with citrus scents and more, and they are just all-round luxury! 

Give a Little Love to your Smile

Something we sometimes forget when it comes to perfecting our looks is our smile! If your smile is something you are not very confident about, you are not alone. Do your teeth need cosmetic work? Maybe a dental crown procedure is the best route to go down. Perhaps a dental hygienist or seeing if braces are the best option? These are some good ways to keep your teeth squeaky clean and keep that smile shining! A smile exudes a lot more than meets the eye. It is a sign of confidence and a sign of happiness to smile, so making sure you are confident about it should be of top priority!

The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul, so keep them in Shape Too!

Everything on this list is important for your health, but your eyes are one of the key senses that needs looking after. Have you got glasses? Are you up to date on your eye tests? Have you got the right glasses, do you need new ones? Even if you do not have glasses, the eye can deteriorate over time, so it is best to keep up to date on eye tests to make sure you are doing what you can to keep your sight tip top. If not, you run the risks of things such as cataracts and blindness in older age. If you are already starting to develop something like Cataracts, you can be seen by a Leading Cataract Surgery Specialist who can help you, but sooner is always better than later.

Don’t forget your posture

Something often forgotten is posture. In today’s world, working at the desk, the counter, the office. All of this sitting and hunching over computers and keyboards does not do wonders for posture. After all, the skeleton and our bones are the foundations of our body, without them, we would be very sad indeed. Many people often refer to having aches and pains in the Lower Back, and many people who have this type of pain can rectify with some posture control. But sometimes, more action may be needed if it is painful, go and see a doctor to  determine exactly where the pain is coming from. So, just like diets and going outside, the posture needs love too. 

Do what you feel is best for you

After hearing all the advice above, the best and most tried solution is simply trial and error and finding what works best for yourself. What works for someone may not work the best for someone else, and visa versa. Health is extremely important, and it should always be treated with the most care, so try what is mentioned in this article, and see how it works. Never do anything that you cannot do, as if you push something that isn’t working, this could be hindering your health in the long run.

This concludes this post, how many of these tips will you take into real life after reading them? A new year and a new decade is a great reason to get behind wellbeing and health, as your body should be your top priority when it comes to checking it and keeping it healthy! You will take your car for an MOT, so will you start giving your body an MOT every now and then?

*This is a collaborative post*


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