Sunday 17 June 2018

Camping With Ready Camp in Minehead

The first time we went camping with both of our girls it was the stuff of nightmares. It almost brought hubby and I to tears. The whole trip was great in the end but setting the tent up and trying to get organised almost had us throwing it back in the car and driving home. It took the best part of 4 hours, including several trips back and forth to the car which wasn't anywhere near the tent. Not ideal with 2 little ones. Arwyn ended up doing it all himself whilst I attempted to keep the girls entertained. However, we recently went glamping with Ready Camp which has restored our faith in The Great British holiday.

Ready Camp are pre-erected safari style tents with 2 bedrooms, real beds, a sofa, dining table and chairs, plug sockets, a small radiator and a small kitchen area making them perfect for families. We chose to go to the Minehead site for a weekend break away. 

Usually packing for camping trips is stressful for us. Not having to pack things such as beds, tables etc made it much easier and also made the car journey more comfortable. Usually we are squashed in amongst everything but the kitchen sink. All we had to pack was bedding, clothes, toiletries, food and some toys for the kids. 

We arrived at the camping site which is on top of a hill with breathtaking views of Minehead below. It had a reception area with a small shop and onsite shower facilities. It's a small but spacious site. There wasn't a park or recreation area.

We were able to park directly next to the tent which was very handy. We unzipped the tent and unpacked and got settled in about 10-15 minutes which was amazing. All we had to do was pop the bedding on, place the food in the fridge and leave our bags in the rooms. We were able to relax and get on with our break away in record time. 

The tent is spacious and housed the 4 of us comfortably. There is actually space to sleep 6 people as there are double bunkbeds in the one room and also a mattress underneath the bed. The first thing we were impressed with was the fact that the furniture was of good quality. The beds were real beds (not fold up or camp beds). There was a lovely wooden table and chairs for eating. 

The kitchen area is small but more than adequate as there is a fridge with a freezer section, a 2 hob stove, kettle, microwave, cutlery and various tableware. There isn't running water in the tent so you need to collect water from the camp facilities. 

Underneath the double bed were fold up chairs which we placed on our decking area. We spent most of the weekend out on the decking as the weather was so lovely.

The shower/toilet/washing block was literally a 5 second walk from our tent. It was clean and warm with everything you could need and cleaned daily.

Despite the weather being beautifully warm in the day, the nights were chilly. Luckily we'd brought some blankets to use. We left the heater in the children's room which really helped keep the chill off. On our first night we got a Chinese to eat from the town centre. We all slept well and in fact ended up having a lie in on both mornings. All the fresh air must've warn us out! 

On the Saturday we went to Minehead beach which was a short drive away from the site. The kids loved running around. We then went for a pub lunch in a fab place which had an outdoor play area to keep the girls entertained. 

We returned to the campsite and soaked up the sun whilst playing outdoor games. We played with bubbles, balls and even rolled down the hills. We then had a BBQ for dinner which Arwyn cooked in the tent.

On Sunday we had an afternoon tea in Minehead which was amazing. We then drove to a Lavender farm (sadly there were no purple fields as it was the wrong time of year) but we had a drink and an ice cream in the sun.

We had a fantastic time glamping with Ready Camp. It was lovely to spend some quality time together as a family and just enjoy getting back to nature and the basics. There is something about camping that makes you feel like a child again. We spent the 2 days laughing and smiling and wishing we could stay longer.

The only thing we'd like to see differently at the Minehead campsite is perhaps a small outdoor park for the children to play in. I also think the tents could be placed in a different area as they are right opposite the toilet block rather than on the large field overlooking the stunning scenery. However, that wouldn't put us off returning as we had such a fantastic time. 

You can watch our weekend away here:

*Thank you to Ready Camp for inviting us to stay at the Minehead camp site in exchange for a blog review. As always all my opinions are honest and my own*



  1. Now that's a camping holiday I could live with! With so many dangerous snakes and spiders here in Australia I've always been put off going camping - that and spending the night sleeping in a bag on the ground really didn't entice me - but that place - Wow! Yep, love it.

    1. I've been camping in Australia and I can totally sympathise. I hardly slept for fear of all the dangerous animals lol

  2. I'm so not a camper, but I've always liked the idea of glamping. Sounds like you had an amazing time

    1. I used to hate camping but since I've had kids I enjoy it. Glamping is defo the way to go

  3. This is my kind of camping, the main reason I can't really go now is the discomfort sleeping x

  4. Aw this sounds amazing, the perfect little adventure! Your little ones are the cutest, it looks like so much fun :D I'd love to take my partner and little boy on something like this! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

  5. I would absolutely love that! So much better than camping in a tent! I am a bit of a princess so I need the best :0

  6. Ready Camp looks amazing, the inside of those little huts looks beautiful! I agree, not having to worry about beds or cooking equipment makes the whole packing process a lot less stressful!

  7. This definitely sounds like my kind of camping. It means you don't have to pack as much either - fab weather for it too! :) x

  8. I am not a fan of camping but I reckon something like this would be great for me Haha! Looks like such a lovely place to stay! x

  9. This looks like great fun and amazing how everything is already done for you. My Hubby doesn’t camp so we could have an interesting Summer as have a couple of weekends lined up. I think he would much prefer something like this though!

  10. I really don't enjoy the thought of camping, but am pleased to see so many options popping up now to tempt people like me into giving it a try.

  11. Wow very cute kids you have. I love camping too. Once camped in The sahara with friends. A very memorable night to spend under the stars.


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