Sunday 25 March 2018

How Pregnancy Ruined My Teeth

When I was younger, I had the perfect smile. My teeth were in great condition. I never needed a brace and I had perfectly straight teeth. I looked after them well, brushing them twice a day and I was hardly allowed to eat any sugar. I didn't have any fillings. However, after 2 children my teeth have been ruined.

Pregnancy can effect a woman's oral health and cause swollen and bleeding gums. Pregnancy hormones also make teeth more likely to be attacked by plaque and my goodness did they attack mine. 

During my first pregnancy I had a lot of morning sickness and the acid from that was attacking my teeth. I used to brush my teeth straight after being sick and at the time, I didn't realise, that was the wrong thing to do. My teeth became softened by the acid in the vomit and therefore they weakened.

When I went to the dentist after having my second child, I was mortified buy what he found. I needed 4 fillings and they were all quite severe. 2 of the fillings may need to be changed to nerve root fillings very soon. I had very bad cavities which we have put down to the pregnancies etc. I felt incredibly sorry for myself. 

I've now become very self-conscious of my smile. Gone are the days when I had that perfect white glow. You can now see some of my ghastly fillings and therefore I have been considering having Veneers to achieve that perfect smile. A friend of mine has recently had them done and they look fantastic. She's very pleased with the results. I have been searching for places that offer Porcelain Veneers and I came across Harley St Smile. They offer various services such as teeth whitening (something I would also really like), teeth contouring, veneers and a mini smile makeover. 

If you are pregnant and are worried about your teeth then here are the tips my dentist gave me for future reference to keep them as healthy as possible:

  • Avoid sugary drinks
  • Clean your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Snack on vegetables between meals rather than acidic or sugary food
  • Avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol

Did you suffer with cavities when you were pregnant? Would you consider having a dental treatment such as Veneers?

*This is a collaborative post*


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