Sunday 12 September 2021

4 Languages To Learn Before You Decide To Travel These Countries

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It might be a while before you decide to get back on a plane, but there are many people already thinking about when they will get the chance to travel again. Throughout lockdown, there are were stories about people using their time to learn a new language. Of course, that will become handy if they decide to go on vacation in a different country. 

If you found yourself taking this step, it could be a great way of starting 2022. However, learning a new language can seem like a daunting task at first, but the benefits of learning a new language are endless - be it social or professional. 

In addition to this, you can learn about new cultures and find yourself with an edge over other foreigners for employment opportunities if you choose to live in any of these countries. So, if you're thinking about traveling, here are five languages you may want to learn before you travel to these countries. 


Japan is a great place that is filled with culture and history that spans generations. Since the rest of the world has been exposed to Japanese culture through popular culture, there are many people who are interested in visiting the beautiful country. While some people in Japan do speak English, it is suggested you learn some Japanese if you decide to visit. 

This is because it will be a lot easier for you to learn Japanese customs and social prompts that will help to make your stay a relaxing one. 


Sweden is one of many great countries that make up Scandinavia. Visitors who want to experience Swedish with its icy ski slopes and rich culture may find it easier to do so by learning Svenska. While Swedish is another country where a large majority of its citizens know English, most signs and many products and people still use Swedish, so knowing the language will come in handy. 

With so much beauty and northern history for you to experience, if you're interested in learning Swedish before your vacation, It's worth it. It's fun and will help you feel more at home during your trip!


South Korea has made the biggest impact in recent years, with the world falling in love with its music, food, and culture. This love of South Korea has blossomed into more people learning about the culture and its language. South Korea stans can Learn Korean with Memrise or other language apps. So they can easily understand not only the people but their favorite K-pop song or K-Drama whether they decide to visit the beautiful country or not. 


France is one of many countries in Europe that is popular among tourists. Many people visit France each year to experience the culture, history, and art as well as the easy-going ambiance of the French people. Learning French can make your visit even more pleasurable, and you can enjoy your vacation. 

These are just a few languages that you may want to learn before visiting their countries of origin. You could learn these languages to make your visit more immersive or expand your chances of getting work if you decide to move to these countries.

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