Wednesday 14 July 2021

Making Your Home More You

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Nowadays, more and more of our homes are beginning to look the same. This is understandable. Many of us like to use major furniture stores that supply low cost, flat pack options that make furnishing our houses more affordable. Many of us jump on trends. Many of us take inspiration from the same Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds. But it is important that you put somewhat of a stamp on your own home, making it unique to you. This is a great way to express yourself, your tastes and your interests. Plus, it makes your home stand out from the crowd a little. Here are a few simple steps that can help you to put your own signature touch on your home.

Framed Pictures

We take more photos now than ever. Thanks to great quality smartphone cameras, we always have something on us to capture our memories. But why store all of these photos in your phone’s memory? The days of framing pictures aren’t past us and having framed pictures on your walls is a great way to express what you love in your living space. Whether that’s family, friends, pets or places. This is one of the oldest and most traditional way to display your photographs, so it’s not all too surprising that there are a range of frames out there. You can keep things simple with ready made frames from Nielsen, or you can have custom made frames to match specific sizes or styles you have in mind. You can have free standing frames on mantlepieces, window ledges or shelves. You can have frames on the walls. You can have plain and minimalist frames. You can have gilted, extravagant frames. Whatever suits you and your tastes best!


If you have hobbies, why not have some things around that reflect that hobby? Like baking? Have a quality stand mixer out in the kitchen. Practice pole fitness? Have a pole installed in a convenient area of your home. Play in a sports team? Have one of your shirts up for display on a wall. The list goes on. Not only can some of these items provide actual value and benefit for you, becoming used on a regular basis, but they can give visitors some insight into you as a person.

Choose Your Own Colour Scheme

Remember that you’re not limited to a colour palette of neutrals like white, cream, mushroom or beige. You have a whole rainbow to choose from. Now, that’s not saying that you necessarily have to go painting all of your walls bright tones. But you can subtly work in your favourite colours and shades through feature walls, your accessories (such as cushions or rugs), artwork on your walls and more.

Of course, there are countless other things you can do to put your signature stamp on your living space. But hopefully, the ideas outlined above will work as some inspiration and can help to get things moving in the right direction for you!

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