Thursday 15 February 2018

Our Valentine's Day 2018

I'll be the first to admit that hubby and I used to despise Valentine's Day. We never celebrated it and we thought it was a load of commercial crap. However, since becoming parents we have realised that the quality time we have together is rather limited. 

We decided to start celebrating Valentine's Day as a way of remembering why we got together in the first place and showing that we love and appreciate one another. We have been sending cards etc since Eva has been born but this year we decided to do something extra special. 

We booked to have a 3 course lunch at the newly opened Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill in Cardiff. The restaurant is located on the top floor of the Hotel Indigo Cardiff and provides sweeping views of the city centre and beyond. This wasn't just any old lunch though, this was a special lunch where you could meet the main man himself, an opportunity we couldn't miss.

We are both foodies. We've eaten in many fantastic restaurants all over the world and michelin starred restaurants in the UK. We have a silly amount of cookbooks from our favourite chefs with of course, Marco being one of them. After all, he is the godfather of cooking. 

We arrived at the restaurant and immediately met Marco who was lovely. We chatted about Masterchef Australia (one of our favourite cookery programmes) and he then signed a copy of his new cookbook for us. 

We then headed to our table, champagne in hand to enjoy our 3 course meal. I had Calamari for a starter (which was delicious), Steak for my main, followed by a lovely Apple Crumble for dessert. Arwyn had a baked Camembert for starter, Steak for main and a créme brûlée for dessert. We also had a couple of glasses of Rioja which was divine. 

It was so lovely to actually do something special on Valentine's Day. We felt like our old selves again (pre kids). We spent quality, alone time together and chatted about food and memories etc. It was perfect.

I managed to find Arwyn an amazing Valentine's card. We are a big Disney loving family so I couldn't resist this beauty from Design me Pretty on Etsy featuring one of our favourite Disney films. I could have bought her entire shop. 

Eva received her first roses from daddy which she loved. Her little face was delighted. She felt so special and she has them on pride of place in her bedroom. 

i'm looking forward to Valentine's Day next year now but i'm not sure how we'll top this one. 



  1. The card you bought is actually adorable and I think it's so nice that you're celebrating why you're together x

  2. Oh, such a fab evening! It looks like you had a great time with amazing company and tasty food. :)

  3. Oh Kerry that sounds like heaven. No wonder you're both smiling like Cheshire Cats. I'd love to have a meal out with hubby without having to worry about Alex. The best we manage these days is a quick lunch before we have to get back to work. I'm so glad you enjoyed it x

  4. That is such a great way to spend Valentine's Day with your love! And I love the idea of using this holiday to help you both remember why you fell in love and got together in the first place. It's hard to remember that when you're in the midst of work, bills, and dirty diapers. I'm glad you had a great time together:)

  5. What a lovely way to celebrate. I am so happy that you had a great day. Kaz x

  6. Sounds like you had a great time! Glad you enjoyed some quality time together. x #bloggerclubuk

  7. Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate! We never really do anything romantic. I like how Finnish celebrate Valentines Day as a day of friendship.

    1. Ooh I didn’t know they celebrate it as a day of friendship. That’s lovely

  8. That Up inspired card is EVERYTHING! This sounded like a beautiful Valentines Day :)

  9. The restaurant looks good. Was great you got to meet him too

  10. Wow I LOVE that card! Food looks awesome too, how fab. Can imagine Eva's face when she got the roses! :-D x

  11. What a lovely card that is, how great you got to meet Marco

  12. It sounds like a lovely way to spend Valentine’s Day! X


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