Monday 28 August 2017

Where to eat in and around Icmeler, Turkey

I've been on holiday to Icmeler in Turkey many times over the past 20 years. Icmeler and the surrounding areas are a foodies dream suited for all kinds of tastes. Menus cater for all nationalities from British to even our favourite, Korean , there are a wide variety of restaurants and eateries to choose from. 

Here are a list my favourite places that we keep returning to:

Ros Beach, Marmaris
If you're looking for the best place to have an authentic Turkish breakfast then this isn't to be missed. It is hugely popular with the locals and that is always a good sign. 
Breakfast in Turkey is unique. It isn't treated as a necessity but more of a family gathering bringing together different tastes that will have you craving one every day.
We have tried the traditional Turkish breakfast in lots of different places but this one is by far our top choice. 
Ros Beach is surrounded by spectacular views. You can sit over the water and enjoy sweeping views of the sea, the Marmaris shoreline and the mountains. It's simply beautiful. After you've eaten you can relax on a sun bed or have a dip in the ocean. 

The food itself feels like an elaborate feast. The variety of plates keep coming. Expect to eat  cheeses, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, jams, honey, fresh bread, Borek and more. This is all accompanied by a pot of black tea, brewed to perfection and served in Turkish glasses. 

You can find our more here, Ros Beach
Top tip: Avoid on a weekend when it is busy unless you can book a table in advance.

Three Bells, Icmeler:
The Three Bells is a lively restaurant, karaoke and sports bar. The staff are very friendly and the service is outstanding. Their food menu is extensive serving Turkish and international with the surprise of a Korean section which is mouth watering. It is completely unique to anything I have seen anywhere else in Icmeler. It ranges from classic Korean dishes to a selection that i've never heard of. The bulgogi is one of my favourites.

If you are after a roast dinner then this is the best place in Icmeler. The portion is very generous and you will be served the biggest yorkshire pudding you've ever seen.

You can find out more here, Three Bells.
Top tip:  If you go to the restaurant on a Sunday for roast dinner then be sure to go early as it gets very busy.

Hanedan, Icmeler:
The Hanedan restaurant is my favourite in Icmeler. It offers Turkish Tapas and main meals with a few British offerings. The atmosphere is great and the staff are welcoming.
There are some very unique offerings on the menu such as Honey Pepperoni but it is all incredibly tasty. I am salivating just remembering it. 

Top tip: Try a mixture of everything. You won't be disappointed.

Highside, Marmaris:
Highside is located in the lovely, old town area in Marmaris. To get to the restaurant you walk up cobbled stone steps which could be tiring for some but honestly the view when you get to the top is breathtaking and worth it. 

The view of Marmaris harbour is stunning, It's quiet and relaxing which is a complete contrast to the business of the ground below. 

The staff are fantastic. They are particularly good with children and they are on hand to help to keep them entertained if needs be. 
As with a lot of the restaurants in that area, they specialise in fresh seafood. However, I would recommend one of their steaks especially the Steak Maxium. The sauce was amazing.

You can find out more here, Highside.
Top tip: Go before sunset so you can see all the beautiful colour changes as night draws in.

Waterfall, Icmeler:
If you're looking for somewhere with a special setting then this is the place. The restaurant has a beautiful waterfall as a backdrop so it's perfect for a romantic meal but we've eaten there with kids and they have enjoyed watching the water and fishes.
The food is good and the portions are big. The service is excellent. 

Find out more here, Waterfall.
Top tip: Send them a message on Facebook to prebook a table next to the waterfall. Also take a look up the cobbled steps to the side of the waterfall and you will find a lovely hammock to relax in.

Fidan, Turunc:
The Fidan is a beachfront restaurant located in Turunc. They have a great range of fresh seafood. The grilled prawns and calamari were divine. The service wasn't the friendliest we've received whilst visiting Turkey (they weren't rude but just very quiet) but the food certainly made up for that. 

Top tip: Try their fresh orange juice. It's delicious.



  1. Wow I never Turkey had such a broad variety of cuisines. The Waterfall restaurant sounds ideal!

  2. Looks like there are some great places to eat. I've never been to Turkey

  3. oh yum! I haven't been to Turkey in over ten years, had a great time when I did visit. The food looks amazing!!

  4. What a fabulous selection of foods. Are all the Turks fat? The amount of food looks mind blowing. I particularly like the thought of Korean food and that breakfast looked divine. All on my list the next time im in Marmaris

  5. The food looks and sounds amazing. I've been to Turkey a couple of times before - Bodrum and Olu Deniz - but Icmeler is still on the wishlist! Bookmarking this post for future reference xx

  6. I have only ever been to Turkey once but had a great time. We had a lovely hotel which had a massive ground. You never got bored and the night life was great too.


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