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I'm Kerry, wife to my husband Arwyn who I married on 05/05/12 and i'm currently 31 years old living in South Wales. I work part time as an operating department practitioner in a private hospital. Most importantly I am mum to Eva who is nearly 4 years old and Ophelia who is 1. Welcome to our world.

 We found out we were expecting Eva 3 days before we were getting married. It was lovely knowing that we had a little secret between us on the day and that we had little bump there to share the day. It made it even more special.

This was our first attempt at a family photo shoot on my first mothers day. Note to self to get a professional one, including Alfie the dog, at some point soon!

I am the happiest I have ever been now I am a mum and I wanted to share the experience with you, so I hope you will enjoying reading about our lives and experiences we share together whilst I juggle life being a wife, mum and a part time worker.

All about a mini Norris is a pr friendly blog so please contact us if you would like us to review anything for you.

Drop me an email and say hi to allaboutamininorris@gmail.com

We hope you enjoy xx

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  1. Hi Kerry. Thought I'd stop by to say hi as I found your blog via someone else on Twitter! I'm a forty plus blogger and even though my children are older now I still love to read family orientated/lifestyle blogs. I also work at a private hospital (admin though-doing the inpatient and theatre bookings) and have been there for 25 years!!!! I work part time now which is great as it now fits around my blogging, ha ha. I'm now following along on social media.


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