Thursday 17 August 2023

How to Handle Dry Eyes


Photo by Wojtek Pacześ

Do you remember when you got your first computer? You were probably very excited and you probably stayed on it for hours fascinated by all the different things you could do with it. 

It's hard to argue the fact that these machines which started as creepy-looking equipment that filled up entire rooms have come so far. Now they are in the palm of your hands in the form of cell phones and tablets. 

You are more likely to see a child with a doll in one hand and a cell phone in another these days. Arguably, technology has become our playground, but it can harm vision and cause dryness in the eyes.

Blink More

One of the most reliable ways to help combat the issue is simply to blink more. When staring at computers, phones, and tablets many people are often so caught up that the building may burn and they don't even realize it.

You may be glued to what is in front of you and while this may be engaging your mind, your vision is at a standstill.

When you are not blinking dryness will happen quickly as it is needed for the production of tears. Make an effort to blink while you are looking at your screens. 

You can even turn it into a game if you want to by just stopping your actions and blinking for a specific amount of time. 

People may give you funny looks when you are doing this, especially if you try it in public but you shouldn't pay that any mind because you are saving your vision. If you suspect there is more going on, schedule an eye appointment to find out.

Look Away

It's easy to resemble a deer caught in a headlight when you are watching your favorite show or trying to complete a work assignment on your computer. You need to plan periods when you get up and walk away from it all.

Go out and smell the roses as they say. At least for some time. It allows you to focus on distances and see the beauty around you. Your perspective can be widened and your sight can take a well-deserved break.

The bottom line is, don't be in too much of a hurry to get back on a screen if it's not necessary. Use this time to exercise, talk to that nosy neighbor of yours, or take the puppy for a walk. However you choose to do it, you must give your vision some rest.

Use Baby Shampoo

Do you remember as a child crying tears and rubbing your eyes over and over whenever your hair was shampooed? You would always feel a sting. This type of sting could cause tears to flow like a river.

By rubbing this same shampoo on your lids, those tears that you ran away from as a child come in handy for your dry eyes as an adult. Use a gentle shampoo, you don't want to overdo it too much.

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