Tuesday 7 February 2017

10 ways to keep fit when you can't be bothered

I've always remained honest when I write and I like to give you a real insight into my life including all the ups and downs. Before Christmas I did so well in dropping 2 dress sizes and I was loving exercising and eating healthily. You can read all about that journey here, Drop 2 dress sizes in 6 weeks .

However, Christmas and New Year came and went and i'm ashamed to say I have been to the gym once since Christmas!!!! I am literally hanging my head in shame. I'm gutted. I have broken the habit and once again I now have cabin fever about going back. I literally cannot get my butt off the sofa and cannot be bothered. 

I am determined to get back into exercising as I loved it when I was doing it. It gave me more energy and the pheromones I got from it were exhilarating. I just need to get back in the habit. If you're the same here's 10 ways to get you back into it:

1) Start with something easy
I think this is key to getting back into exercise. Don't climb mountains straight off and have realistic expectations. A walk every day could be a great start to getting you more motivated. 

2) Get a training buddy
I did some group training sessions last year and I loved the support you get from someone else. Getting a training buddy has a number of benefits. You have company, it's a great thing to do if you're shy or not very confident, you get support from them and above all you won't want to let them down.

3) Try something new
Exercise doesn't have to be the same thing all the time. I actually get bored incredibly easily. You're more likely to continue to exercise if you try new things out. You could try a new class or a new sport. There are so many things to choose from such as swimming, running, walking, climbing, weights and there are lots of different types of classes with brings me on to my next point.

4) Do a class
Booking a class is a great motivator. If you're booked in, you are less likely to cancel. You have the group element to it and therefore more likely to keep going during the class. With someone else training you for the class, you are going to get a more effective workout. I always try harder in a class than I would on my own. 
There are so many classes to try such as body pump, yoga, kettlebells, spin and don't forget other ones such as aerial circus classes, pole dancing, belly dancing. You name it, there's something for everyone.

5) Plan ahead
Planning exercise into your diary is key. Decide what days you are going to exercise and stick to it. Write it on a calendar, in your diary and on your phone so you don't forget. I also think training on a Monday will set you up for the week ahead. 

6) Get a personal trainer
If you can afford a personal trainer then they are 100% worth it. They can tailor workouts for you and teach you what to do. They are there to give you physical and emotional support. Every time i've had one, i've never regretted it. 

7) Do something at home
If the idea of a class or the gym is daunting then try exercising at home. You can get yourself some weights to do at home or even some cardio equipment if you have the space and the money.
You could do a workout video. I've got the Joe Wicks DVD but there are plenty of others you can try.
There are also lots of websites where you can find workouts to do at home. I'm about to start using Flex TV which has live workouts on there. They have a huge variety of classes such as ballet barre, cardio, yoga etc.

8) Take a one month challenge
If you really want to get motivated then take a one month challenge. There are various running ones, abs, squats etc. Type it into google, print one off and challenge yourself.

9) Pack your bag the night before 
If you've planned exercise for the following day then get your kit ready the night before. No excuses then. 

10) Keep a journal
Keep and exercise journal. This will monitor your progress and results and you will be able to see what you've achieved and how well you've done. I recently bought a cheap one in Tiger and it's fab. Well it will be when I start using it this week.

Do you have any tips?



  1. That journal looks amazing! I am terrible for keeping up with exercise and sometimes I really can't be bothered! I think a diary/journal is a great idea, thank you for sharing! x

  2. Some great tips, I really need to start scheduling regular gym sessions rather than ad hoc

  3. I can never be bothered haha so I think that trying something new would be good for my short attention span. Good list x

  4. I needed this and need to do this!! Thank you for the tips!! I am desperate to get off my butt and start doing something more.

    Lovely post! x

  5. Reading this came at the perfect time!! I've just joined zumba so hopefully that will give me the motivation I need. I've been so unhappy with my fitness level at the moment but these little tips will definitely help me get back into the swing of things x

  6. I have been poorly and lost all motivation recently. These are great tips, I will definitely refer to them when I am fully better. Good Luck to you getting at it again. Kaz x

  7. Haha now I wonder why this post title shouted out to me so much?! I did great last year at losing weight and getting fit again and then lost my mojo when I sprained my ankle. I have started to do the odd DVD session at home with Joe Wicks which I am enjoying but Hubby and I were talking last night and have decided to give 'Couples Workouts' a go. There are some great ones on Youtube and it could be funny :)

  8. This is me - every day!! Great tips, I'm going to try to motivate myself!

  9. I love the ieda of roping a friend into that way you can keep track and not get bored, and great to do a class together x

  10. I think the only way to get me motivated to even consider getting fit again will be to set some hard and fast goals! I like the idea of a month challenge. Long enough to make a difference, short enough to not feel the pressure. But after a month, you'd certainly feel the benefit of any regular fitness. Must try something.

  11. great tips! I think taking it easy at first is really important to not give up and also finding the motivation to do it! x

  12. great tips, I can never be bothered since my sister quit! must get motivated!

  13. Fantastic article and very helpful tips. I like the idea of keeping the exercise journal- it could be really motivating. And it's easier to see results, especially if we add pictures!

  14. Aw I need these tips! I will Start after I've grown this baby, promise! Xx

  15. Great tips! A journal would be good for my mummy also trying to incorporate it into activity as a family would be good for us!

  16. These are great tips and I love the journal!

  17. Great tips here, I'm really struggling to find the motivation as the moment

  18. I love this - I frequently lack motivation! I have to schedule time in to make it happen most of the time x

  19. I need someone to exercise with I think to get me motivated. I need to pin my friends down to do a class with me I think and get the ball rolloing

  20. Haha this is definitely me, always something better to do! Great tips.

  21. Everyone is allowed a break over xmas, at least your back on it now!

  22. This is really useful, where did you get that journal

  23. Great tips, I am trying to get into doing more cardio exercise, and core. I am out walking the dog for an hour every day, so I am tricked into thinking thats my exercise. Which it is but need some more core strength.

  24. These are such great tips. I've been doing loads of exercise at home. I find it much easier than going to the gym.

  25. Fab tips, it is hard to get motivation when you are tired from night feeds x


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