Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Explore Your Options For Getting Fit

Exercise and all that comes with it can be incredibly difficult, but once you are over that initial hurdle of starting to get fit, you’re likely to find that it feels incredible. Depending on your personality, you might love exercise and be motivated enough to go for a daily run around the park. If that isn’t you but you’re aware of the importance of fitness and your health, don’t let it deter you. Taking the time to learn about different ways of exercising and the help you can get could be the confidence boost you need to find your running shoes.


There are different types of gyms and activities in those establishments to explore. Do you want to do classes? Are you better doing an independent workout? Let’s take a look at these questions and some of the other options available to you, hopefully, for those of you that need it this will help make the gym less daunting. And for readers who are already avid gym goers, this might just give you some alternative ideas so that you can mix up your routine.

Exercise classes

The exercise class has been trivialised and mocked in film for so many years now, but the reality is very different. The benefits of taking a class really depend on who you are and what you want to get from a fitness plan. Exercise classes will give you regular structure to your routine; you will build a social dynamic and will hopefully build confidence moving through different levels of your program. These classes can also be supplements to the independent workout that you want to do, sometimes it is easier to run and cycle on your own time but doing yoga with a qualified instructor is useful.

Independent Training

If you are more of a solo gym goer then perhaps putting together a solid exercise plan is more appropriate to your needs. There is nothing wrong with preferring your own company in the gym; fitness is a very personal thing so tackling it without the input of others is understandable. But you should look into different recommendations for training alone so that you know what you are doing is productive, accurate and safe. Motivation can be the hardest thing to maintain when you are training on your own, so putting together a proper weekly plan is helpful to combat lethargy. There are several YouTube videos and guides out there to help you put together a plan whether that be a couch to 5k strategy or if you are just looking to improve your health through weight loss and general fitness.

Personal Trainer

A halfway house between the two gym options discussed so far is the personal trainer. This is someone who has a qualification like a certificate 3 in fitness and can help you put together your gym strategy and guide you through proper techniques. You might be surprised at how much you think you know about exercise and how little you actually do. There are usually hundreds of ways to do something wrong and very few to do it right, a personal trainer will make sure you are getting the most out of your workout and not injuring yourself in the process.

Outside of the Gym

Those are some examples of using the gym to improve your health and fitness. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the air-conditioned facilities that charge you flat fees. An environment dedicated to working out is preferable for some people, but for others they just need the outside or home equipment. Bearing that in mind, you can apply the three gym strategies discussed above to other ways of training as well.

There are regular exercise groups in most parks now such as the Parkrun which welcomes runners of all levels to take on a 5k run on a weekend morning. Additionally, you will likely find military style classes and yoga groups on most green spaces around the country or in local leisure centres. Personal trainers are also available to hire outside of the gym, and this might allow you to strike up a better relationship with because you are not under the confines of a working fitness centre.

Whatever your preferred choice, make sure you don’t let the days just pass you by. Exercise is not about becoming Mr. Universe or Miss World; you can just be looking to improve your health and maintain a positive fitness balance.

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