Friday, 12 October 2018

Winter Clothing Essentials for Kids

We have certainly been feeling the cold lately which I’m sure is down to the fact that we had such a long, hot, summer. I’ve not been prepared for the drop in temperature this year as I haven’t bought any winter clothing for the girls (bad mum alert).

Last year I had all the essentials covered but the girls have grown out of everything already.

Here are my winter clothing essentials for kids:

Socks are definitely a winter essential. I can’t tell you how many times I had to take spare socks out on our winter walks due to the kids jumping in muddy puddles and getting wet. Condor socks UK have a huge range to choose from in all different colours. They have knee high socks too which are perfect for wearing with wellies. 
When it’s snowing I use children’s cotton socks under boots and wellies as they can be layered up to provide extra warmth.

Winter Waterproof Coat:
I always try and buy a waterproof coat with a hood and a fleece lining. I usually buy them in a bigger size to allow room for lots of layers underneath.

Wellies and Boots:
These are certainly a necessity to battle the great British winter weather. It’s usually pouring with rain and children really hate having soggy feet despite the fact that they seem to adore running through the deepest puddles they can find.

Hat, Scarf and Gloves:
A hat and scarf are great for covering exposed areas such as the neck and ears. Gloves are also great but if you can manage to get pre-schoolers to keep them on then please send me your tips. 

As I’ve already mentioned it’s usually raining. My kids are at the age where they like to hold their own umbrella and last year I made the mistake of not getting the one each. They would fight over the one they had and then I’d end up having to pass my own which led to one drenched mummy.

Thermals provide that extra layer of warmth when it’s bitterly cold. There are great ranges in all shops such as vests, short sleeve and long sleeve tops, leggings and more.

What are your winter essentials for kids?

*This is a collaborate post* 

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