Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A few simple lingerie buying tips

Lingerie is great for making sure that you always look and feel your best. It really does not matter whether you a super skinny, curvy, big busted or flat-chested, tall or short, you can now find lingerie to suit you. Firms like www.simplybe.co.ukhave seen to that. Long ago, this firm recognised the fact that not all women are five foot five and a size 10 or 12. They and several other retailers now make a great range of clothing that is designed to fit today’s women. All you have to do is to get out there and find out what looks good on you. To help you do exactly that I have put together some lingerie buying tips.

Getting the fit right
The first thing you need to do is to measure yourself and work out what body shape you now have. As we age, our bodies change shape quite a bit. Mine certainly has, especially after I had my girls. So, over time you are going to need to change the size and style of the lingerie you wear.
Before you measure yourself I suggest you read this article. It explains how to take all of the measurements you will need.
Consider mixing and matching
In many cases,you will discover that your top half is a totally different size from your bottom half. As we age, most of us get far more hippy. If this is the case, just shop around a bit and find a retailer that offers you the chance to buy your panties and bras separately rather than as a set. Don’t be afraid to mix and match items from different collections. There is no rule that says all of the items you buy must match exactly.

Try your new lingerie on properly
When you get your items home try them on again to double check that it all fits. If you have a special outfit or two that you are planning to wear, try these on over the top. This will enable you to check that the line of your lingerie does not show up under your clothes. It will also allow you to make sure that nothing cuts in, which can easily create unsightly bulges.
Be adventurous
Don’t be afraid to try on different items, sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised by what suits you now. There is something to be said for getting curvier. Curves are sexy especially when you dress in lingerie that accentuates them yet providesa good level of support.
Opt for quality
Once you find a style that works for you stick with it and invest in good-quality pieces. After just a couple of washes,cheap lingerie tends to lose its shape and no longer offer an adequate level of support.
Treat yourself to a new dress
Once you have bought the right style of lingerie for you, why not treat yourself to a nice new dress to wear over the top. If you are looking for inspiration why not take a look at my LBD article.
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