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What Does London Have To Offer You?

Going to London for a short break or a weekend getaway is a fantastic idea if you’ve never been to the capital before. London has a lot to offer everyone, and so it makes sense to conduct as much research as possible before you leave home to ensure you make the most out of your time in the city. Some suggestions and ideas on this page should help to point you in the right direction and highlight some of the best activities and sights. So, use this post as the starting point for your research, and then take a look at some other articles before you plan to visit. Regardless of your interests and passions, London is the most vibrant place in the UK, and you’re going to love it!

Delicious street food

There are usually lots of different street food markets and events in London where you can sample some of the capital’s best cuisine. No matter what types of food you enjoy most; you are guaranteed to find something that tickles your taste buds. The South Bank is an excellent place to start if you’re feeling hungry, and there is even a German market there during the Christmas period. If you love to try different foods from all over the world, London is the best place to do it. There is a significant Turkish population in the capital, and so there are plenty of authentic places to pick up something to eat. You should also take a look at some of the Kurdish stalls and restaurants dotted around the city.

World-class theatre productions

London is home to the West End, and that is a world-famous location where you will find some of the best theatres in the country. There are many popular musicals and plays every single day, and you can get some fantastic discounts and deals on the ticket prices if you search online. Do not make the mistake of buying your ticket from the theatre when the show is about to start because you will always pay over the odds. Some of the best musicals in London at the moment include the Book of Mormon, Wicked, and the Lion King. However, there are plenty of lesser-known productions that are sure to blow you away. So, conduct as much research as possible and work out which shows are most appealing to you.

Stunning historical sites

As it is the capital city of the UK; you will find lots of stunning historical sites in London where you can learn more about the history of the British Isles. You could spend time standing outside of the Parliament building taking selfies, and then you could walk down to Buckingham Palace and check out the place where the Royal Family live. London Bridge is also a famous landmark you won’t want to overlook. You can walk across the bridge, but there are also boat trips that will take you underneath it. The Tower of London is where the Queen keeps the Crown Jewels, and it’s also where the establishment of the past would hold political prisoners. There is so much to learn that you might struggle when it comes to working out where to begin.

Music and live entertainment

As you probably expect, some of the best musicians in the world book concerts and gigs in London every single week. So, it is possible that you might get to see a mainstream act at one of the venues in or around the capital during your stay. There are also hundreds of small music venues where you can catch up-and-coming talent from all over the UK. The best thing about the music scene in London is that there is something for everyone. Regardless of whether you want to hear acoustic songwriters or you like the idea of raving the night away to techno music; you are not going to feel disappointed in this city.

You should now have enough information to see that the UK capital is one of the best places to visit for a short break or weekend getaway. No matter what your interests or passions might include; you are going to feel spoiled for choice when it comes to planning your itinerary for the trip. If you have to travel on a tight budget, consider booking some hostel accommodation to save money. That should mean you can afford to spend a little more on show tickets and making sure you enjoy yourself. Feel free to share this post with any friends who might plan a London adventure this year too!

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  1. What a great post, Kerry. My wife and I are thinking of visiting London and pretty much only rely on Tripadvisor usually, but these are some good tips. We just got back from Peru and had an issue with the street food there (Salmonella), but it sounds like London has more regulations in place which is great.


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