Thursday, 28 June 2018

5 Ways To Survive Working From Home

It's very hard to stay motivated and organised when you work from home. Both my husband and I do it a couple of days a week and we find it quite difficult due to having too many distractions. We are often called away from work to prepare dinner, do the washing, do the school run etc. We've found a few things have helped us stay more focused:

1) Treat your desk/work area like a real office space
We've spent countless amount of hours trying to work on a sofa or on the kitchen table. It just didn't help. We turned our study into an office with desks, storage and stationary supplies. You can get pretty much all of your office supplies from Office Stationary. We now have diaries, planners, bookcases, filing cabinets and more. It has certainly made us feel like we are in an actual 'office' rather than our home.

2) Set working hours
It's very important to set working hours so for example 8am - 4pm and commit to it. It can be tempting to just sleep in or finish early when you're working at home but it's important to keep to a schedule to stay focused.

3) Take a lunch break
We never used to take a proper lunch break. We would both eat as we worked which didn't give our mind a rest. If we were actually in work then we'd be taking a proper lunch break and being at home should be no different.

4) Set Goals
We set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. This helps us to stay driven and it's always great to tick something off the list.

5) Get outside
Lastly, we find fresh air always helps. Sometimes working from home is stressful and it can also be lonely. Factoring in 10 minutes to take a short walk or have a coffee break in the garden is just what we need to go back and face the day.

Have you got any tips for working from home? Do you have a desk/office area?

*This is a collaborative post*


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