Friday, 18 May 2018

Tyre Safety - Learning My Lesson the Hard Way

I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to checking my tyres (or anything on my car) I am useless. It's one of those things that through stubbornness, I seem to leave worrying about until it's too late. I always expect someone else to do it for me (aka my husband).

Tyre blowouts are one of the major causes of car accidents which is why it is essential that they are regularly checked to ensure they are safe to use. You can get an extensive variety of tyres in London at Iverson's. 

I recently almost had an issue with one of my own tyres. It seemed to be dropping in pressure all the time. My husband would put air in it but it would drop very low. We took it to a garage and soon realised there was a nail stuck in it. I drive on a busy motorway to work every day so I am very lucky I didn't have an accident. It was a wake up call for me to brush up on my tyre safety, after all, I am driving precious cargo around (my children) and I would never forgive myself if something happened.

Tyre blowouts are different to a puncture (which is what I had). Blowouts are caused by a sudden loss of pressure and the tyre is destroyed. They can also cause damage to the wheel itself. They are most commonly caused by under inflation. Other causes are overloading the car, potholes and hitting curbs.

To avoid a blowout you should:

  • Check your tyre pressures weekly
  • Always check your tyres before any long journeys 
  • Check tyres everyday with a visual check for any damage 
  • Check tyre pressures more often during heatwaves
  • Check your cars handbook to ensure you have the correct tyre pressure when carrying different loads
I must admit, I have never done any of the above which is shameful. If i'd quickly checked my tyres everyday, I may have spotted the nail. 

I also didn't realise that the tyres would need different pressures depending on the load. We often drive to France and our car is jam packed with bags, strollers etc so I will be checking the tyre pressure is safe from now on. 

Have you ever had a tyre blowout? Do you check your tyres?

*This is a collaborative post*


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