Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Different Ways to Get Your Children Exercising in the Summer

Let’s face it, getting the kids away from technology these days can be pretty difficult! However, it’s necessary to limit screen time in order to ensure they develop into healthy, happy adults. With the summer holidays fast approaching, now’s a great time to come up with ways to ensure your kids stay active this summer.
If you need a little inspiration to get your kids active during the holidays, below you’ll discover some great ideas.

Roller skating

The key to getting your kids more active, is to make it fun to be out of the house. What could be more fun to a kid than roller skating? Now, roller skates have changed a lot over the years. These days, you can find awesome convertible style roller skates which kids absolutely love.
Heely’s do fantastic convertible roller skates which you can pick up from stores such as SkateHut. These quickly, turn from standard trainers into trainer-skates. So, you could combine skating with walking, giving your child a 2-in-1 workout.
Country walks
Speaking of walking, another great idea is to head off on long country walks. Walking is renowned for its awesome health benefits. Not only is fresh air and nature important for adults, but it’s also vital to your kids too.
Research shows that approximately 38% of children spend less than one hour outdoors. When you consider that kids also need at least an hour’s exercise every day, you soon see why getting out for a long walk is a great idea. You’ll also be surprised just how much kids actually love getting out in the countryside. The best thing about this activity idea is the fact that it’s absolutely free. So, even if you’re on a budget, there’s no excuse to stay active during the summer holidays.


You could also sign you and the kids up to local sports classes. Think badminton, tennis or swimming. All of these sports are great to practice in the summer. It’s something new too so it’s sure to keep your kids interested. As the whole family will be involved, it’s also a fantastic bonding experience. 
These are just three great ideas to keep the kids active this summer. There’s something to suit everyone and you could even use all three of the ideas above given that there’s six weeks of holidays to fill up!

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