Friday, 4 May 2018

5 Tricks To Make A Luxury Holiday Affordable

Staying in hostels and suffering cramped flights in budget airlines isn’t for everyone. Some of us want a bit of luxury when we go on holiday, but this luxury often comes at an added cost. Fortunately, there are ways to still enjoy a luxury holiday affordably simply by adopting a few sly tricks. Here are just five ways to make a luxury holiday affordable.

Travel out of season

By avoiding popular vacation times you can often save money on holidays. Summer is always the most expensive time for a beach holiday, but go in May or September and you could find a discounted luxury hotel that usually charges premium prices. This can be difficult with kids as the cheapest times are often during school term time – if you do decide to take your child out regardless, check that the school fines won’t make up any costs saved.

Don’t follow the crowds

Everyone knows the popular resorts and destinations. Journeying off the beaten track could allow you to stay in luxury for less. For example, those fancying a European beach holiday can save a ton of money by booking a beach holiday in Croatia or Bulgaria rather than Spain or Greece. In some cases you could find a luxury five star hotel in a less travelled destination for the same price as a basic two star hotel in a popular resort.

Join a hotel membership club

Hotel membership clubs allow you to collect points over time which you can then spend on accommodation. The likes of Marriott have many luxury hotels that you can save up points for such as this Renaissance Brussels Hotel. When joining a club, check that the club owns hotels in the kinds of destinations that you like to visit – many are global, but some may be limited to a select few countries.

Search for online coupons

You can sometimes find voucher codes to luxury hotels online. These could allow you a night’s stay in amazing accommodation for a fraction for what you might usually pay. Coupons usually have an expiry date after which you can’t use them, so check when looking for coupons that the dates suit you.

Book early or book last minute

You can sometimes get lucky by booking early and get upgrades to luxury services. The likes of Emirate Airlines often reward early birds with free upgrades to first class seating, whilst many hotels may offer their luxury suite to early booking customers as a similar reward providing that this room is free. Booking last minute is a riskier move but can sometimes also get you massive discounts on luxury hotels and first class seating as hotels and airlines may be eager to have a full booking. Either way, you shouldn’t book your holiday four to five months ahead like everyone else does as this rarely comes with any rewards.

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