Wednesday, 11 April 2018

It's Time To Get Real About Your Body

How serious do you take your body in general. Do you look in the mirror and think it’s a work of art. Or do you look in the mirror and think ‘oh man, I shouldn’t have ate that pack of biscuits last night’. You’re either one or the other, there’s no inbetween. The people who believe their body is a work of art are often in denial as well, purely due to the fact we’re ruining our bodies in so many different ways. So, now that we can all agree we’ve put off putting our health first for the first four months of the year, it’s time to get real about or bodies and truly make a difference, here’s how.

Hit The Gym

Hitting the dreaded gym. To some people hitting the gym just isn’t an option. Not because they don’t want to, but because anxiety can get the better of a lot of people. Gyms are intimidating places to the novice, and if this sounds like you then you’re going to benefit from semi private personal training. It is the perfect way to make sure you’re getting in your time with exercise, whilst also doing it around other people. The main benefit is that you’re being taken out of that intimidating gym environment but getting used to training around other people. As your confidence grows, you can start doing your own training sessions at the gym. Then you can start focusing on a routine and building up your core strength, then work to achieving your goals. It could be to tone up, just to lose weight, or to get into the art of bodybuilding.

Smash The Diet

If you’re going to smash the gym, then you’re going to need to focus on your diet if you don’t want to undo any of the hard work that you might be doing. But to most people, the thought of going dieting is the hardest part. So, we’re here to tell you dieting isn’t all about eating leaves and veg once a day to slim down. It’s about calorie controlling your diet, cutting out foods high in sugars and fats, and letting healthy foods into your diet. There are so many yummy meals you can make that will help you do this, it’s not all about vegetables and lettuce leaves! Do a bit of research and find some meals that suit you, or even see if you’d be able to follow a diet such as the paleo diet!

Change Your Ways

To change your ways, you first need to admit your ways are bad. If you’re someone who smokes, that’s got to go. There are so many vapes on the market that will help you do this! If you’re someone who drinks heavy on the weekend, cut back to a cheeky glass every now and then. It isn’t just diet and fitness that determines the outcome of our body, it’s what we’re doing to it on a bigger scale.

So, do you now feel like you’re ready to get real about your body?

*This is a collaborative post*


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