Friday, 9 March 2018

It Must Be Love: Shouting Loud About Committing To Your Favorite Clothing

We’ve all got that one favorite item of clothing. It might be one year old, or you may have had the thing for six or seven years already. Either way, this is your go-to. You can’t imagine anything being more comfortable than this baby. Sure, you’ve thought about updating. You’ve even looked around in a half-hearted attempt at it. But everything you’ve tried on has felt like cheating. And, they haven’t even been as good as your one true love.

The trouble is that this fast-fashion culture (Zara update their stock daily for goodness sake), has made us feel as though we can’t hold onto things. Commit to clothing? Forget it. You need to update with the seasons! Hence, many of us keep these favorite pieces as a dirty secret. We wear them at home, or out to the shops, but that’s about the extent of it.

This is as sad as any relationship kept secret. Love shouldn’t be hidden from the world. Besides, you’re doing yourself an injustice by acting this way. Because of this, you don’t get to wear your favorite thing when you go out! It’s time to put an end to that madness. Here are a few tips on how you can shout loud and proud about old clothing you love.

Keep on top of repairs

Admittedly, when clothes are old, they don’t always look their best. The chances are that your loved item has a rip or two which aren’t fit for public consumption. But, there’s no need to let that keep your love in the closet. Instead, get your alteration head on. There’s not much you can’t do with a sewing machine and some spare fabric. Alternatively, you could head to companies like the one you’ll find when you click here, who can take care of things for you. Either way, keeping on top of repairs is half the battle for overcoming your secret shame.

Update to keep up with fashions

If your primary fear is going out of fashion, stop worrying. There are a few ways to make sure old pieces stay in keeping with current trends. All you need to do is know what fashion is doing, and how you can mimic it. This could mean including additions or even sewing patches of fabric to the exterior. Bear in mind, too, that an old piece may not look as outdated as you think if the rest of your outfit is on trend.

Notice that nobody else cares

For the most part, the only people who care about these love affairs are those involved. If other people have noticed you’ve had this piece for years, it’s unlikely they think twice about it. Why should it bother them if you have a favorite clothing item? It’s likely they have one too. For the most part, those haters you think are out there are only in your head. So, stop feeling ashamed and let the world know about the beautiful power of loving your clothes!

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