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When Your Feminine Health Makes You Panic

There’s a lot we can do when it comes to our health. Working out on a regular basis, drinking plenty of water and sticking to a beneficial diet, and making sure you get enough sleep night are the usual big three to keeping the reins tight on good health. However, things can go easily awry, and that’s when we start to panic.

Panicking is something everybody does when they notice something different about themselves. These can be both small and big changes, such as a little weight gain or loss, a lack of energy throughout the day, and they can be pretty scary when you realize they’ve happened. Yet, health is something that’s slow to change and difficult to keep track of, but when you know your body and you’re confident of how you feel in it, you’re on the right track.

If you’re feeling a little nervous about what your body is doing currently, it’s always a good rule of thumb to see a doctor. However, here’s some tips to try and stow your health worries away whenever they pop up, as many preventative measures can be taken when you know how.

Keeping a Healthy pH Balance

When it comes to lady issues, there’s usually no bigger worry than the reproductive system. Mainly, we can worry about what our vaginas are doing. Any changes in your downstairs health can lead to a bit of panicking, but there’s usually no need to worry. Simply make sure you’re following the correct steps to keep a healthy pH balance, and you usually won’t have anything to worry about.

These can include moves such as walking being a part of your daily routine, or going for jogs in the morning. Making sure your thighs and hips are in their prime can lead to good pelvic floor improvements, which is key for better functioning and monitoring when you need to.

Try going commando at night to make sure fresh air is getting to all parts of your body. Your vagina needs to air out whenever it can, as clothing can create environments that are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and yeast infections. No one wants to have to deal with that, so if you can take a preventative measure, you’re going to feel a lot healthier as a result. If you’re feeling particularly irritated recently, it might be good to schedule an appointment with a doctor, and try to change the materials you’re wearing. Cotton is always going to be the safest choice here.

Having the Right Kind of Diet

Diet plays a huge role in how healthy we feel, and that means you need to constantly make sure you’re intaking the right nutrients in the right amounts each day. Any kind of deficiency can lead to a problem, but thankfully nature gives those crucial vitamins and minerals right back to us in the form of most foods from the ground.

Try eating more foods like yogurt, as this has plenty of good bacteria in it to make sure our systems are working properly inside our bodies. When you have plenty of good bacteria around, and yes there is such a thing, there’s less chance for any bad bacteria to find a home in your body. It sounds horrific when put that way, but that’s honestly the long and short of it! You can also chow down on a bit of garlic every now and then, as this has a lot of antimicrobial factors to it that can easily beat any yeast infections. The foods we usually don’t think of as anything other than complementary can be absolutely fantastic for our systems at the end of the day! Then, for more of a treat, you can eat some dark chocolate as well; this improves dopamine production to make you feel a little more happy in yourself at the end of the day!

Similarly, you’re going to need to be drinking plenty of water throughout the day. When it comes to making sure your skin is healthy, and your brain is working properly, and your muscles are less fatigued, water is really a cure all solution. Of course the amount of water you need depends on your age and the kind of lifestyle you live, but for particularly sedentary or active people, you’re going to need roughly 1 to 2 liters of water per day. This can be an awful lot for some people, so try and build it up to it more and more.

Forgetting Your Routine

There’s a lot to do in a day, and when it come to making sure you’ve completed everything you were meant to do, it can get extremely exhausting. All the little things add up in the morning and the evening, and the big tasks such as work, the school run, and cooking and cleaning, take the most time out of the day. And then you’re meant to manage some hobbies and fitness on top of that? It doesn’t have to be an impossible game!

So if you’re on the pill, whether that be an estrogen pill or a simple contraceptive, you’re probably going to miss one or two of them from time to time. Of course it’s going to be a worrying moment, but if you missed taking your contraceptive pill panicking’s only going to make you more forgetful! Take a deep breath and make sure you’ve taken the pill when you remember it, and then try to enforce a new rota to make sure you’re always remembering to take it. For example, leave your pillbox next to your toothbrush in the bathroom, and then you’re likely to complete both tasks at the same time.

Health doesn’t have to always make you panic, and removing the taboo surrounding talking about feminine issues means there’s going to be a lot more comforting information out there to read into to. You never have to face an issue alone, and there’s always a doctor to head to if you’re worried.

*This is a collaborative post*

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