Friday, 16 February 2018

Money can't buy Love. Or can it?

We've all heard the phrase money can't buy love but does that still stand today?  I'm sure most of us look for other qualities in a lifelong partner, than how much they have in the bank.  I know I fell in love with my husband for his personality and not his bank account but with so much financial pressure on people these days, money can be the making or breaking of a relationship.

I read an interesting article published by Shepherds Friendly which was How does money impact relationships? The findings showed that money (or the sense of security that money brings) has an impact on every area of life including love, romance and dating.

I found the part about who should pay during date night very interesting. Hubby and I pay with our joint account but before we were married we would usually take it in turns to pay. According to the article, just over 68% of people thought that men should pay on a date night which I was very surprised at. 

It also found that most people would not share their financial situation with their partners during the early stages of a relationship. I have to agree with this. I think until trust etc is built then that kind of information should stay personal. However, later on in a relationship I would be very suspicious if my partner didn't share his spendings etc with me. 

The article also talked about whether your partners debt is your responsibility too. Someone that I work with ended up getting a divorce from her husband as he was massively in debt and blowing their money on silly things. He would lie to her constantly about what he was spending money on and it caused so many arguments in their marriage. She supported him for years until she couldn't take much more and eventually his debt caused the marriage to break down. 

In some respects I do feel that your partners debt is your responsibility. If you've been in a long term relationship or are married then I believe debt should be shared but only if the debt has come from things for both of you and not like the situation my work colleague was in.

Do you agree with the article? Do you think money can't buy love or do you think it's a big deciding factor on finding a partner? Do you think money can make or break a marriage?

*This is a collaborative post*


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