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Get Your Healthy Mojo Back

You might have lost it, you might never have had it. But whatever the reason is for needing your health mojo back, we’re here to help. There’s so much influence at the minute through the news, social media, and blogs etc. that make it hard to know what is actually healthy. Well, it is all down to you and what you want to achieve. If you just want to eat better, then you don’t necessarily have to follow a strict diet, you just need to cut out some of the rubbish you might be eating. If you want to get more active, then it is simply the case of getting off that sofa and working out a little. But there are so of you reading this that want to be extra healthy, we’re talking instagram fitness models healthy. It’ll take some dedication, and it’ll definitely take time, but there are so many benefits to it! First however, we need to try and find a way to get your health mojo back. This article is going to get you interested in health again, and show you what you can do to stay on the right track.


Sticking to a diet when you’re used to eating absolutely anything you want is one of the hardest things that you’ll do. Diets can be so strict, and they truly do become a way of life if you want to stick to them. Now, the diet mojo is one of the hardest things to get and keep. We all know how much temptation there is out there, and we all know how hard it is to resist a cheeky chocolate bar. The reason so many people fail is they put too much pressure on themselves. They’ll restrict their diet instantly, and so much so that you can’t help but give in to temptation eventually. So, we’re here to tell you to relax a little. If you’re about to start a new diet, ease yourself in slowly. Try following the diet for three days a week, and then increase it as your resistance gets stronger. If you’re looking to try a new diet, these are the ones that we love the most, and feel you’ll benefit from:

Vegan: One of the hardest diets to stick to, especially if you’ve never gave up meat before. Don’t get us wrong, meat is great. It has high nutritional value, it tastes great, but in the long run it just isn’t the best for you. Studies show it clogs up our brains, as well as our insides. Meat is rather hard to digest, so vegans therefore have a faster metabolism. A faster metabolism makes it easier for you to lose weight. We know you’re probably thinking you’ll be on a diet of leaves and fruit for the rest of your life. But that isn’t the case. There are some truly amazing recipes for vegans that involve the yummiest of ingredients. The only downside is you are losing some nutrition from the lack of meat. It is important to supplement your diet to make sure you’re staying in tip top condition. For example, omega 3 for vegans is something the diet lacks. The lack of fish that is rich in omega 3 can easily be supplemented. There’s other vitamins such as vitamin A that is lost slightly, but again, you can always supplement it with tablets from the store. If you’re ever struggling with inspiration on what to actually eat, here’s an extensive guide for you on what you can eat, and some yummy meals for you to make.

Atkins Diet: This one is a pretty hard diet to stick by. It involves switching your diet to one that is high in protein and healthy fats, whilst drastically reducing your carbohydrate into to take to nothing. It is a really effective diet, and it is easy to lose weight from. But the one thing people struggle with is the carbohydrate loss. Lack of carbs in the beginning can mean you start to fatigue, go dizzy etc. But the whole point of the diet is finding your own perfect balance. You go through different stages, during each stage you’re reducing your carb intake further and further until you eventually get to next to nothing. There are four phases. When you get to phase three, you should nearly be at your target weight loss goal, with pretty much 0 carbs. But this is where you need to start reintroducing them back into your diet slowly. As you do, your body will adjust, and as long as the carbs are healthy, you shouldn’t put on weight again. A clever, but very challenging diet that a lot of people struggle to stick to. Just make sure you’re going down through the different stages slowly, and at your own pace. Never completely cut carbs out at once either, it’ll make you feel horrible!


Getting your fitness mojo back is possibly harder than actually getting your dieting mojo back.  At least with eating, you can sit down and relax and do it. But with exercise, you actually have to move that bum off the sofa, and venture out into the great outdoors. Well, maybe not even that! There are a lot of home workout DVDs made by the fittest celebrities that allow you to exercise from the comfort of your own home. But a lot of people struggle with this, because well… they're in the comfort of their own home. There’s nothing stopping them from climbing back into bed, or sitting back down on the sofa. So what we recommend is actually leaving the house. It can be either to go for a walk, a run, or dare we say it… to the gym. The gym is an intimidating place for a lot of people. But if you’re looking to get your fitness mojo back, this really is the place to do it. You’re literally surrounded by health, and people trying to get into better shape. There’s personal trainers there that will be on hand to show you different routines to kickstart your fitness mojo. If you’re a bit intimidated by all the men in there, there are women only gyms for you to try out. A lot of the combines gyms however have some excellent classes for you to give a go, which are a lot better than doing an actual work out.


To get your mojo back, you first need some inspiration. It might be a family member who has turned their life around through fitness and diet, or it might be a friend encouraging you to go to the gym with her. Whatever it is, you have to be inspired. One place we highly recommend you looking is instagram. There are so many people who have gone through transformations just by giving themselves a kick up the bum and getting a spring in their step. Once you get into a healthier lifestyle, it really does become a way of life. Even if you can’t see any transformation on instagram, there will be plenty of fitness models displaying their meals, workouts, and progress. It gives you a body to aspire to get, and also a bit of inspiration about what meals you should be making, and what workouts you can do.


Goals are the most important part of getting your healthy mojo back. It is just as important as inspiration. Setting your own personal goals isn’t hard, but one thing we know you shouldn’t do is set the bar too high. In the back of your mind you need to have an end goal, but in the meantime set smaller ones to stick to. So it might be losing 2lb, going to the gym two times a week, or eating healthy for a few days of the week. The sooner you start meeting the smaller targets, the sooner you can start getting bigger goals.

Long Term

The long term benefits of giving everything we have mentioned above a go are amazing. Within a few weeks of trying, you know you’re going to have much higher energy levels, you’ll feel more confident within yourself, and you’ll be raring to actually get up and live life. One of the reasons we as humans hate getting up and going places is because we’re sluggish from the food we eat. The diet an exercise should relieve that, and it’ll give you a new lease of life that you didn’t have before. You’ll also become more dedicated as time goes on. In the beginning it is going to be hard to stick to, there’s no denying that. But after a few weeks, it really will become a new way of life, a better way of life for that matter. It’ll improve your digestive system, cardiovascular, as well as muscle. It’ll lengthen your life space, and help to keep you feeling younger for longer.

So there you have it. We hope that by reading this we’ve inspired some healthy mojo to come back into your life.

*This is a collaborative post*

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