Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Super Suggestions For A fun Family Night In

Family nights in are one of the best times to relax together and spend some quality time with the little ones. They are also loads cheaper than paying to go out somewhere, and if one of the kids falls asleep on the couch it's easy to get them upstairs to bed without them waking up! Of course for them to be fun, you need to do more than just sit in front of the telly, so read on for some entertaining suggestions.  

If the whole family groaned when you mentioned board games, you probably haven't got the right ones! In fact, there are some absolutely hilarious versions on the market now such as Speak Out when you have to say what is on the card while wearing a mouth guard, or the very popular Pie Face. A game that kids will get a real kick out of playing with their parents, as the latter inevitably ends up covered in pie!

Of course, you can slip a few more educational and skill developing games in there as well, as long as they are fun too. Family Fortunes with its own buzzer is actually a great at developing word association skills, and games like Pictionary can help with both art and fine motor skills. The latter being a game that can easily be converted for a younger audience, making it the perfect choice for a family fun night while the little ones are still small.

Film and Food

Make a TV watching session that bit more special by choosing a movie that you haven't seen yet and providing some delicious grub to munch while its on.

Foods like pizza, nachos and chilli, dim sum, or even fried chicken are always popular treat dishes that you can have a go at making yourself to feed the family. Alternatively, you can always just order a takeaway if cooking up a feast seems like too much bother. Then you get to relax as well as the kids.

Make the whole experience even more special by creating a fort with sheets and fairy lights that you can sit in a and watch a film on a laptop or tablet. Something that can make can it a truly magical and memorable experience for the kids.


Last, of all, perhaps your kids like making things, and I'm not just talking about a mess here! If so, then why not host a craft evening for them?

You could do something basic like setting out a variety of materials such as dried pasta, glue, glitter and lolly sticks and let their imaginations run wild. You could theme them too, based on seasons and celebrations that are important to your family.

Alternatively, you could pick a more advanced project that requires collaboration between the kids and the adults to complete. Something that you can do over a number of weeks, making it a regular fixture on family fun night that you can all enjoy and bond over together.

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