Saturday, 13 January 2018

How To Start Clean Eating On A Budget

Clean eating on a budget can be done.

Leaping into a New Year, most of us want to focus on our health and well-being, and a huge amount of people start by reviewing their diet. After the excess of the festive period, and with a grey January making us feel run down and de- energised, it’s little wonder that the idea of clean eating starts to appeal. But if the idea of trying to overhaul your diet while sticking to a budget is putting you off, don’t fear. There is a way to eat clean without blowing the bank.

Shop In-Season

One of the best ways to introduce a more organic, natural elements into what you’re eating is simply to respect what’s in season. Years of year round exotic imported fruits and vegetables have blinded many of us to the idea that we should eat according to what is seasonally available. In-season items will drop in price due to increased availability and limited shelf life, so find a guide to what’s in season and start researching ways to use it. Remember, you can always make ahead and freeze recipes to eat them over the next few months. The bonus is that the produce will also be at its peak in terms of flavour and nutritional value when it's in season.

Buy Bulk to Save Big

Look at what you can buy in bulk to make cost savings on the unit price. This works especially well with dried goods such as wholewheat pasta or dried and canned lentils that can be added to curries and soups. But even if something is fresh, you can use your freezer to extend it's shelf life. Everything from summer berries and spirulina for your smoothie to Organic Cheese can be kept fresh for up to six months if stored correctly and frozen. Nut butters, spices and oils are also great to buy in bulk as there is less waste and excess packaging.

Get Into Prepping

Wasted food is wasted budget, so don’t throw your money away. Take time each week to pull together a meal plan, so you know exactly what you need ahead of time. You can also take the time to audit what you have in the freezer already and include some of that. Then make sure that when you go shopping you take a list and stick to it. It sounds simple but eliminating needless waste and impulse buys can really help to cut down the grocery bill and make full use of your healthy produce. This is especially important if you’re aiming to eat more fresh items that perish quicker.

Get Into Couponing

Don’t be put off by the crazies on Extreme Coupon programmes - money off vouchers can give you significant savings if you plan ahead. By meal planning each week, you can work out what you can get a deal on and factor that in too. Coupons that offer an amount off your entire order are the best ones to look out for. There are so many videos out there explaining how to get started and keep track of all the deals. Make sure that you’re also signed up to newsletters from health food stores to get notified of sales and discounts.

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