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Deciding Your Next Family Holiday Now

The family holiday is something that all kids look forward to during the school holidays. Parents, too, are excited for this week or two away from the temperamental weathers of home, but are also worried about the stress that comes with it.

You want your kids to remember these family holidays as some of the best times of their childhood, so ensuring that such holidays are something that they will look back on in the future with fond memories, and hope to provide their children with the same experiences is crucial.

The world is a lot smaller than it once was. Where families used to visit the nearest beach or lake or resort within their country, now, we have the opportunity to travel all across the globe to whatever destination we might fancy. But with such possibilities available, how do you decide?


We all love a beachy, sunkissed holiday destination. There is such a myriad of beautiful locations worldwide to entice you to bask on their shores and top up your tan and relax with a cocktail, or mocktail, for the kids, as the day washes away.

So where to go? Your family could choose to explore the sun-strong tranquillity of any of Europe’s top beaches, or further afield, perhaps sip on coconut shakes in Southeast Asia. If you come from a place where the sun is nought but a myth most of the year, then letting your child splash through turquoise oceans and building sandcastles all day long will give them a taste of paradise. Just be wary that they may never want to leave.


Taking your child up into the mountains of any of the vast snowsport destinations available is an excellent way of inspiring them with a love for adrenaline.

If it is their first time, finding beginner classes is an excellent way of getting them started. They will hopefully be able to tackle some of the more accessible slopes by the end of the week, while you and your partner enjoy the rush of wind and snowdrift during the day, and getting in a little apres-ski at the end.

Researching the best family holiday destinations to get your kids onto the slopes and carving down the mountain in style will give you an excellent idea of the prices and locations available throughout the year. While skiing and snowboarding take time to master, once they’ve hit that level your kids will be asking you when they can go next. It’s like Christmas, just at any time of the year.


Adventure comes in many forms. If your kids seem to have a bit of the wilderness about them, then taking them out into nature for a week or two of camping is ideal for teaching them how to appreciate and care for the planet.

Furthermore, the fresh air, exercise and plethora of activities will keep everyone busy, so there’s no risk of boredom, and you can end the day around the campfire toasting marshmallows and telling stories.

Or, if the wilderness isn’t your thing, consider appealing to their inner Disney prince and princess, by treating them to an adventure of a different kind. Disneyland is the happiest place on earth for good reason, and letting your children meet their heroes will be sure to fill them with joy and magic that they won’t be able to stop talking about. Sampling the many roller coasters and rides on offer around the parks will also be heaps of fun. Just be prepared to feel exhausted at the end of the day.


Teaching your children about different cultures is essential towards moulding them into accepting and curious people. Many families choose to go the generic route of familiarity. But, consider whisking your children away to some of the most fascinating and unusual places on the planet.

These destinations have the potential to open your child’s mind and expand their ideas about what the world is like. Furthermore, the will be able to sample the local cuisine, basking in the culture of what may feel is like a whole other world. These experiences might just inspire your kids to search far and wide as they get older and get them bitten by the travel bug that is hard to shake.


Wherever you choose for your next holiday, you need to make it count. Some parents decide to surprise their kids an only inform them of where they are going on the day. But if the kids have one thing in mind - remember when you promised them Disneyland if they got straight As? No? Well, they do - this could lead to disappointment.

However, discussing your holiday plans with them first can save a lot of drama late on. Getting them excited before they go will make the whole trip that much more enjoyable, and allow them to create memories that will last them a lifetime.

*This is a collaborative post*

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