Wednesday, 6 December 2017

My Christmas Planner from Freddie and Co

If you know me then you'll know that number one i'm a stationary freak and number two, I love to make lists. I have lists for everything. In fact I have lists of my lists. During Christmas, my list making goes into overdrive. I always find there's so much to try and organise that I can never quite keep on top of it.

Luckily, I was sent a Christmas Planner set by Freddie and Co to help me stay on track. Freddie and Co has been set up by a lovely Welsh blogger named Beth who writes at Life as Mum. It's a beautiful online store selling cute items such as personalised prints, party supplies and more.

We are going away for Christmas this year and therefore I need to be more organised than ever. There is so much to do before we leave such as buying Christmas presents for family here, writing Christmas cards, you name it, I need to do it.

The Christmas planner comes with 10 separate sheets, 9 of which are for your lists and organising. They are on thick card which makes them perfect for placing on a fridge or you can do what I have done and popped them in my organiser (mine is quite large so these fit perfectly in there). The card means they won't break. Most of my lists that I write on paper, end up scrunched up or worse still broken.

There's a monthly diary sheet with small tabs to fill in the dates and what you have planned.

One of my favourite sheets is the Christmas bucket list sheet which includes lots of activities that you can enjoy over the festive season and then tick off. So far i've only managed.. take a festive photo, drink hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie, so I need to work on ticking more off. 

There are quite a few sheets for Christmas cards and gifts. There is a family and friend's wish-list  Christmas cards list, Christmas stocking fillers list, Christmas gift ideas list (including gift idea and where to buy it) and lastly a final Christmas list sheet (including name, gift, purchased and wrapped). That is my favourite sheet. More often than not, I write ideas lists and then when I actually buy and wrap things, I can't remember what they are, so this is really handy.

Last up are the Christmas food sheets. These include a Christmas food shopping list and a menu. We are having a mock Christmas dinner this Sunday with our UK family so i've been busy making our shopping lists. 

I've loved using this planner. The prints are adorable on each sheet. For someone that likes to be organised, this is perfect.

I've got my eye on a few more items from Freddie and Co. As you probably know i'm a massive Disney fan so I was immediately drawn to the Disney section of the website. There are a couple of prints which are lovely.

Image from Freddie and Co

Image from Freddie and Co

We are hoping to return to Disney next year and if we do, I will definitely be buying this cute countdown print.

Are you organised this Christmas? Do you use a Christmas planner?

*Thank you to Freddie and Co for sending us the planner and print in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own*



  1. This looks great. A planner is a really good way to stay organized, especially this time of year

  2. Good article, your sharing is so nice, love your work!

  3. this is fantastic! I am all for a to-do list and the design is great for this time of year x

  4. I am a total stationery lover and planner addict so this is my kind of post. I currently use two Erin Condren planners throughout the year and then a personal planner for Christmas but i love the look of this one from Freddie & Co. That Christmas Bucket List sheet is SUCH a good idea! xx


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