Friday, 1 December 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside... For Your Workout

It’s cold outside right now, but that’s no excuse to give up your usual workout routine. Being cold is never an excuse, especially as you’ll warm up once you start exercising. You might even still get very sweaty!

However, when you do workout in the cold, there are plenty of things that you need to bear in mind so that you stay safe in the inclement weather. Here are some tips that can help you stay safe and comfortable when you are working out in the freezing weather!

Wrap Up Warm

Any personal trainer will tell you that it is absolutely crucial that you dress for the weather when you workout. Even if you know you will heat up once you start running, for example, you still shouldn’t go outside in just a T-shirt and shorts. Ideally, you should wear plenty of thin layers that you can easily take off whenever you do start to heat up. You should then put some layers back on once you start to cool down after your workout.

Protect Your Extremities

One of the main things to worry about when you are working out outside in the cold is frostbite. This affects the extremities, including the fingers, ears, and toes. So, it’s important that you wear gloves and a hat as well as a thick pair of socks. You might have to have a second pair of trainers that is a size bigger than what you usually wear - this will then allow you to wear thicker socks during the winter.

Check With Your Doctor

If you suffer from certain health conditions, such as diabetes and asthma, it’s important that you double check with your doctor to make sure that you can safely exercise outside in the cold. The cold weather could aggravate your condition, and your body might not be able to withstand the low temperatures when it is also under stress from exercising as well.

Know When It’s Too Unsafe To Exercise Outside

Of course, there will be some instances when the weather makes it too unsafe for you to exercise outside. You need to be able to judge the weather and conditions so that you know when it’s safer to stick to an indoor workout. For example, if it is icy or very snowy, it could be extremely slippery underfoot, so it will make a lot of sense to stay indoors and hit the treadmill.

Change As Soon As You Are Finished

Once you get back home you should get out of your workout clothes as soon as possible and change into some clothes that aren’t so sweaty. You won’t be able to get properly warmed up in sweaty clothes. In fact, these wet clothes could make your body temperature dip even once you are inside. So, don’t risk getting ill from staying in wet clothes - get changed straight away.

Hopefully, all of these tips will help you to stay safe and warm while you are outside trying to hit all your fitness goals!

*This is a collaborative post*


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