Friday, 8 December 2017

Avoid Supermarket Trickery & Save A Fortune On Your Christmas Shop

Christmas is almost here. Can you believe it? It feels like the last one has only just gone! Everybody loves Christmas. The atmosphere, the presents, the look on your kid’s faces…it can definitely be hard to beat. However, one thing that could definitely be improved on, is the amount of money that christmas can cost. You probably know at least one person who’s buying presents with a credit card.

While you may not be able to save on presents for your kids, you can definitely save when it comes to your Christmas shop. How? By avoiding supermarket trickery!

Make A List
Start by making a list. Never go food shopping, or any kind of Christmas shopping, without your list. Your list is your best friend.

Check It Twice
Find out who’s naughty and nice! Sorry, you don’t really have to do this…

Become Hyper Aware Of How Supermarkets Get You To Spend More
The entire way the supermarket is laid out is designed to get you to spend more. Where items are places, the colors used, it’s seriously unbelievable when you figure it out! You can easily nip into the supermarket for a pack of eggs and come out with a new mascara and a water pistol. Don’t let them play these tricks on you! Stick to your list, and march straight to the areas you need to visit. Then leave. Don’t forget to take any coupons, and use your loyalty card too.

Use the infographic below to learn more about supermarket tricks!  

credit to Sunny

*This is a collaborative post*

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