Sunday, 12 November 2017

The Best Kid Friendly Attractions In London

Taking the kids out for the day gets harder the older they get. Once you’ve been to all the places nearby and they’re bored of them, you’ll get endless complaints. You need a change of scenery. Take them to London for the weekend and you’ll find plenty of fresh, exciting things for them to do. Next time you’re stuck for great ideas for a day out, check out this list of brilliant kid-friendly things to do in London.

London Science Museum

If the kids are interested in science, the London Science Museum is the perfect place for you, and it’s free as well. There are so many amazing interactive exhibits for them to get stuck into and some incredible displays including bits of the Apollo 10 rocket. They also have some great 3D simulators and IMAX shows which are more suited to the older kids. The range of stuff on offer is so big that there should be something for the whole family. It’s a brilliant opportunity to combine a day of fun with a valuable learning experience.


Kidzania is a unique attraction that they describe as an educational entertainment experience. It gives your kids a chance to get involved in over 60 experiences designed to give them a taster of different professions or teach them skills. It sounds like school but all of the activities are designed to be great fun at the same time. So if your kids have ever wondered what it’s like to be a firefighter or a bus driver, you can show them. They cater for kids between 4 and 14 so everybody will feel included. It’s easy to get to as well and there are lots of great Shepherds Bush Hotels right nearby. As well as giving them a great day out, the activities help to build valuable skills like teamwork and independence and even financial skills for some of the older kids.   

Lee Valley White Water Centre

When your kids start to reach their teenage years, everything suddenly becomes rubbish. Trying to find something that they won’t roll their eyes at might seem impossible but there are still one or two places out there that they’ll love. The centre that they used for the canoe slalom in the Olympics has since been turned into an adrenaline filled extreme activity centre. For £35 per person, you can try your hand at white-water rafting, canoeing, and something called Hydrospeeding. You lay on your front on a board with flippers on for steering and speed through the water. It’s a little more expensive than the other attractions on the list but it’s sure to be a hit with older kids.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

You’d struggle to find a kid that isn’t into Harry Potter these days, if yours are the same then the Harry Potter Studio tour is a must see. There are so many great exhibits to see, original costumes from the movies, bits of set, and even a mock-up of the wand shop where you can choose your own wand. Be warned though, the gift shop is pretty pricey.

These are just a few of the amazing attractions on offer in London. Hopefully, this has given you some ideas for your next family day out.

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