Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Best Advent Calendars for Kids

There are so many advent calendars around that it's difficult to choose from them all. Here i've rounded up some of my favourites for children which includes chocolate and non chocolate suggestions.

Wow toys are always a favourite of ours. We have a few of their sets. They make perfect toys for packing into changing bags or to travel with. 
The Farmyard calendar is designed for children between the ages of 1-5. It comes with 24 fun themed toys which you can use to create a farmyard scene.
Older children can match up the numbered windows to the numbers on the farmyard scene which is great for learning counting and matching skills. 
The toys are well made with no pvc, no toxic paint and no small parts. They are always light to carry and hold too. They are perfectly safe for little ones to chew on etc which is why we've always been a fan of their range.
This lovely calendar comes in 2 other designs which are wonderland and town. If you're quick you can grab one from their website using the link above for £15.

We always like to have a reusable advent calendar as they make great house decorations as well as serving their important job of counting down the days until Christmas. This year Aldi released a few lovely wooden ones. This particular one took our fancy as it has such a cute design. It also lights up. All of the mini drawers open for you to pop your own treat inside.
These cost £8.99 which is great value for money for something that can be used year after year. They have sold out online so check your local store to see if they have any stock left. 

At £25 I wondered what was so special about the Smiggle advent calendar and whether it would be worth the money. My eldest loves the shop so I knew she would like it regardless but as a parent I hoped its goodies would be comparable to the price of the calendar.
Luckily, I think the contents are great. It includes lots of good items such as a snap band, luggage tag, pens, markers, washi tape and the list goes on. It really is worthy of its price tag and is a must for Smiggle and stationary fans.

I love the cute design on this £8 Calendar. It may be more expensive than other chocolate advents but the chocolate always tastes nice.

5) Tesco - Kellogg's Variety Cereal Advent Calendar*

This is one cool advent calendar that both parents and children will love. From experience my daughter always asks for her advent treat in the morning so now I am happy to oblige. Behind each window is a reveal of which delicious bowl of Kellogg's variety cereal you should enjoy. The calendar includes 24 boxes of cereal (3x variety packs).
You can buy this from Tesco.

6) Bon Bon Buddies - Teletubbies Chocolate Advent Calendar

Now as much as I adore non chocolate advent calendars, my girls will always still want a chocolate one. Littlest is rather fond of Teletubbies so this one is ideal for her. The doors are easy to open for small hands. You can buy the calendar in various shops for a very reasonable price.

What advent calendars for kids have you seen this year that have caught your eye? What is your favourite from my list?

Items marked with * were sent to me on a gifting basis. All opinions are my own.



  1. All great choices and each with their own merit. Personally i like the Aldi one because of its reuseability. You could eat all the goodies inside when you buy it and fill it back up with sweets etc that you dont like lol

  2. Smiggle?! Amazing, didn't know they did one. My son's birthday is 1st December so we always get him a pretty big one!

  3. The kelloggs calender is GENIUS!!! I need to find that.. my son loves cereal and also adores opening advent calendars so it's a great way to just get breakfast started!

  4. Oh wow, honestly had no idea there was such a variety. I have only ever seen chocolate ones of various characters. I am going to make a visit to Aldi and see if they have any over here, we live in Australia. Hoping they have them in stock here! great post.

    1. We're spending Christmas in Australia this year. Can't wait x

  5. I love the advent calendars here especially the Smiggles one. So cute.

  6. Great suggestions here lovely! The boys asked for the Smiggle Advent Calendars this year but i just couldn't justify the £25 price tag so we've gone for a Christmas Book Advent Calendar this year instead xx

  7. This is brilliant!!
    I've just bought Hayden a hot wheels one because of this post.
    WOW Toys was sold out :(
    Thanks hun
    Charlotte x


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