Thursday, 2 November 2017

Drop The No Pain No Game Attitude Before It Makes You Drop

If you’ve decided to start a fitness journey — or if you are in the middle of yours — it’s likely that you’ve come across at least once with the motivational saying: no pain, no gain. While it sounds good in theory, in practice anybody normal would have to disagree. A weight loss journey is not a matter of how much pain you can sustain silently. It’s a matter of losing weight. There’s no logical reason why trimming down should be a painful process. In fact, it should be the opposite. A slimmer and fitter you might not happen overnight. But if there’s one thing for sure about your improved self is that it isn’t born of torture and suffering!

Healthy eating is better than starving yourself
A lot of people still hope to speed up results by starving themselves every day. Of course, you need to limit your calories intake, but as discussed in a previous post,, there are ways to change your diet without depriving your body of necessary nutrients. In fact, over the course of six weeks, a healthy and nutritious diet can help you to drop up to two dress sizes. When you focus on a balanced diet, you can stay fuller for longer and fuel your body with the energy it needs to function and burn calories efficiently.  

No muscle? No result
More often than not, losing weight is one part of your body transformation. The rest is about achieving new beauty standards, such as using a corset to get the sensual hourglass shape. While waist trainers can help you to decrease the size of your waist gradually, the process can be addictive and dangerous as explained here, Wearing clothes that compress your body can make it appear slimmer, but without the appropriate muscle training, your body can’t sustain the transformation.  

Push yourself, don’t exhaust yourself!
As you embark on your weight loss journey, you will soon realise that working out is your best friend to reshape your body. However, there can be too much of a good thing. Overtraining is not going to make you slimmer faster; it’s only going to make you sick in no time. In fact, according to an Australian study, people who exercise daily without resting time can suffer from Leaky Gut Syndrome, a nasty condition that causes germs and toxins to enter your bloodstream through the weakened gut lining.

Weight loss is not a punishment
Finally, you need to remember that your weight loss journey is a journey of self-discovery towards a better you. It’s not a hardcore dieting programme fuelled by self-hatred. It’s time to drop the criticism and to start being kind to yourself. Take the time to care for your body and to do something nice that doesn’t involve binge eating. A manicure, a bath or a change of hairstyle are ways to relearn to appreciate your body as it transforms itself.

In the end, a weight loss journey is a gift of love that you make to yourself. Wanting the best for your body is a sign of self-appreciation. It’s about caring for your health, from the nutrients you eat to the mental attitude you choose to deal with body issues.

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