Saturday, 25 November 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

Before my eldest started school, I had no idea how much of a thing, buying presents for teachers was. She has been in school now (including nursery) for 1.5 years and this will be the 4th lot of pressies i've had to buy. You buy presents for Christmas and the end of the year. Something worth mentioning is that you also have to get presents for all the teachers in their particular class. During the nursery year this was 5 for us!! So when there are around 30 children in the class, how do you decide what to buy so that they don't end up with 30 of the same things. I've asked some other bloggers what they do and i've gathered all their ideas here.

Christmas gift ideas for teachers:

At the end of the nursery year, all the parents decided to put the same amount of money into a kitty which we then converted into restaurant vouchers. We thought that it was something the teachers could enjoy together.

Hand made gifts by the children:
Ami said that she has a teacher friend who loves to receive home made gifts as they serve a reminder of the children she has taught. She's received hand painted mugs and even a home made book about why the child likes school. These are simple ideas that won't break the bank.

Chocolate Bark:
Rachel says she's made chocolate bark for teachers for the past couple of years which has gone down very well. She said when she was teaching she would have loved homemade stuff that had more thought than money put into it.

Homemade cakes and cards:
Kate said that they always make their gifts and they make sure they are something that all the teachers can enjoy so no one gets left out. She has written a blog post showing some lovely cupcakes and cards that they have made.

Homemade fudge:
Debbie gets her kids to make a homeade fudge which is quick and easy. You can see the recipe here,

Personalised wine glasses:
Charlotte bought her nursery teachers personalised wine glasses and filled them with Proscecco jelly sweets.

Jenny has provided her crafting gift guide which is full of ideas for those teachers that like to make things.

Personalised diary and pencil case:
Last year Sally bought personalised diaries/organisers and a personalised pencil case.

Lush gift:
Beth always buys a gift box from Lush. They're pre-wrapped (winner) and smell divine.

Jen said that her son wrote poems for his teachers which is a very thoughtful, personal gift.

You deserve a break:
Chantelle has a few fab ideas over on her blog post including a kit-kat with the label you deserve a break which I think is cool. You can view it here

What do you normally give, if anything?



  1. these are all super cute ideas - the 'you deserve a break' is perfect! We usually all donate a few pounds per pupil and then get them a big gift card at my son's school :) x


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