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4 Areas Of Your Body That Need More Care As You Get Older

The older we get, the worse our body gets - that’s just a sad fact of life! Even people that are super fit and healthy will be considerably less super fit and healthy when they’re older. With that being said, it doesn’t mean you’re in for a horrible life of constantly feeling unhealthy and not enjoying yourself. You can still be in great physical shape if you take care of your health as you get older.

Keeping that in mind, there are certain areas of your body more prone to problems as you age. So, looking after these particular areas and showing them more care and attention will go a long way to keeping you in the best shape possible. Often, you’ll find that looking after certain areas ends up having more benefits on your body in general too. So, it’s a win-win!

What areas of your body need more care as you get older? Check out this list, follow the advice, and be healthy for longer!

You don't want to end up in a knee brace!, Flickr

Your knees are easily one of the main parts of your body that get targeted by old age. Years and years of walking and running around can put extra stress on your knee ligaments and tendons. This leads to problems such as tendonitis or - more commonly - arthritis.

The older you are, the weaker your bones get, which is why your joints suffer. There are loads of things you can do to prevent knee problems when you age. For one, avoid high impact activities such as running for long distances. If you are going to run to stay fit, I suggest cutting the distances and getting suitable footwear with shock absorbers.

Secondly, take supplements to keep your bones and joints healthy. A lot of health shops sell supplements that combine everything you need into one tablet that handles both bones and joints. But, I would say improving your calcium intake is a definite step to take. Drink more milk, take a calcium supplement, and your bones will strengthen.


Along with the knee joint, your hip joints are prone to issue as you roll through the years. This is becoming more of an issue nowadays as most of us live a sedentary lifestyle. Essentially, that’s a fancy way of saying we sit down too much. Being in a seated position is bad for our hips and can lead to impingement issues or tendonitis in that joint. Neither of which are fun and problems with your hips normally lead to problems with your back.

As such, keep your hips healthy, and you’ll keep your back muscles healthy too. How can you avoid hip problems? Try and avoid staying in a seated position for ages, every single day. Understandably, you need to sit for work or to drive, but try and take breaks. After I’ve finished writing this post, I’ll have a break where I can stand up and walk around for a few minutes.

Do this, along with regular stretches - such as yoga for the hips - and you will keep this area healthy and free from future problems.


I’m no medical expert, but I'd say we care for our ears less than any other key part of our body. Which is strange when you consider we use them every single moment of every waking day! As we get older, our hearing gets a lot worse, and there’s not a great deal you can do to counter this. One of the best ideas is simply to go for regular ear health checkups. It amazes me how we all go for regular dental health checkups (or at least we should!) but rarely do we get our hearing tested. There are loads of telltale signs of losing your hearing, which you can find out from as they have plenty of information on their site. As soon as you spot the slightest hint of a sign you should be booking a checkup to get your ears seen to. Regular checkups are recommended as the ear doctor can identify these telltale signs for you and work on prescribing treatment to stop problems progressing.

As for things you can do on your own, or habits you can change, avoid wearing headphones while playing loud music for long periods. In fact, avoid loud sounds in general if you want to keep your ears healthy! This should help you retain your hearing for as long as possible and stay well away from issues such as tinnitus.

Keep your eyes healthy, Pexels


It’s rare that you find someone who makes it through their whole life without any eye problems at all. A lot of people need glasses from a young age, but you’re at more risk of needing them when you get older and older. Some people think this is purely because of age, but it’s partly to do with your lifestyle habits too.

What I mean is that you can protect your eyes and take better care of them by changing your daily habits. Avoid staring at a bright screen for too long, particularly in a dark room at night. These days, phones come with night modes where they dim the screen and change the colour, so it's not as straining on your eyes. The more strain you put on your eyes, the harder they work, and the more at risk you are of needing glasses.

Another piece of advice is to wear sunglasses when the sun is shining. I know it’s obvious, but looking at the sun can be very bad for your eyes! I’d like to think most of you don’t walk around staring directly at the sun! However, it can reflect off surfaces and find its way into your eyes, which is where sunglasses come along for the extra protection.

Naturally, other areas of your body need care as you get older, but these are the ones that cause the most problems. Not only that, but I feel these are parts of your body that often get neglected. We know we should look after our heart and our teeth, but rarely do we think about these areas. If you want to stay healthy for longer, you need to start taking extra care of the potential problem areas in your body.

*This is a collaborative post*

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